thirty days: day five.

(day five): my favorite quote.
follow along here.

my favorite quote depends on what is going on in my life or what the quote pertains to. for example, at work my favorite quote is:

"remember, you are not managing an inconvenience.
you are raising a human being."

~kittie frantz

so many times, i wish i could read that quote to the parents that send their kids to us expecting miracles to be worked. i'm not sure my supervisor would mind, but he would probably get annoyed with the complaint phone calls, so i don't do it. but at least the kids we work with know where we stand, because we have that quote hanging right above the intake desk.

another quote that i immediately printed out and hung up at work, also above the intake desk, after reading it on my darling adriane's blog is:

"sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on."
~eckhart tolle

not only does this apply to the kids that i work with, but it applies to the staff in our facility. over the last year and a half, some things have happened and some feelings have been hurt, but we are too a point where we are trying to move forward and move on. unfortunately there have been instances that sometimes make it a little more difficult to look past what has happened and move forward. when i initially saw this quote, those are the people i thought of...but slowly and surely, we are learning to let go.

do you have a favorite quote?
would you share it with me, please?

that's all.


  1. I have SO many favourites I wouldn't where to begin - thanks for adding to my collection