fill in the blank.

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and yes, i realize i'm a day late.

1. people always tell me i look like  my sisters. and i like it. because my sisters are beautiful. but, i don't think we look like each other at all.  

2. friends don't let friends  do a lot of things. but i'm a bossy friend, so i probably don't let my friends do a lot of things. once, when i was in fifth grade, my best friend told my teacher that i was too bossy and my teacher talked to me about it and after that i wasn't friends with her anymore. not my best move, but i was pretty hurt. that is mostly what i remember about the experience...having my feelings hurt.  

3. a sunny day is perfect for  being outside, clearly. today was sunny, but i spent the majority of the day at work, so we just kept walking outside just to be outside. bless the sunshine and let's hope these predicted rain storms come and go quickly.  

4. my favorite accessory is  a hair elastic. or sunglasses. i don't wear jewelry, so i had to scrape for that one.  

5. if i could afford it, i would  live on an island with only the people i like/love. it would be a party all the time. and there would be amazing food. and fun for everyone. wanna come?  

6. the cure for boredom is  pretending like the above scenario is even a possibility. and spending time with my co-workers. they are so funny...i laughed so hard today...and mostly, it's inside stuff, but i'm going to share the best comment(s) in another post.  

7. i am currently "in like" with  making wreaths. i pounded out a few to sell at a craft fair (that i completely spaced/missed...so if you are interested in purchasing a wreath, let me know). i'm thinking about starting my own little crafting corner. i'll keep you posted.  

what fun things did you do this fine saturday?
are you "in like" with anything new?

that's all.

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