thirty days: day two.

(day two): my favorite movie.
follow along here.

i really, truly, honestly don't have a single favorite movie. i love movies. and i love all kinds of movies. literally...from, romantic comedies to action flicks to independent films. i can pick a multitude of favorites from every category. and since i just tried to pick one favorite from every category and couldn't...so i'm picking a few from each. get over it...this is my blog and i'll do what i want. gosh.

alright...let's go:

chick flicks:
hope floats. my best friend's wedding. can't buy me love. 10 things i hate about you. notting hill. something borrowed.

office space. ferris bueller's day off. wedding crashers. the hangover.

a cool, dry place. million dollar baby. almost famous. dead poet's society.

the italian job. taken. gran torino. hero. and anything with jason statham.

pretty woman. the holiday. garden state. ever after.

juno. (500) days of summer. blue valentine. sideways.

death proof. the birds. the silence of the lambs. double jeopardy.

west side story. mamma mia. newsies. wizard of oz. meet me in st. louis. and every rodgers and hammerstein musical.

stardust. tangled. up. toy story 3. shrek. the karate kid (and the new one). elf. and all the disney movies. and all the shirley temple movies.

my kid could paint that. march of the penguins. enron: the smartest guys in the room. step into liquid.

i just realized how annoying this post is...i'm sorry...i think.

or not.

well, actually i'm annoyed by it because this list of movies doesn't even begin to cover the movies that i love. and maybe i should be embarrassed by that, but i'm not. i like movies. i watch them all the time. at work and home and with family and friends. a great american pastime.

but seriously, sorry about the obnoxious list...be grateful that i didn't tell you why i love each of these movies. we'd be here for days.

what movies do you love?
any of my favorites your favorites?

that's all.

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