still here. and kickin'.

it's been awhile, but i am still here. i don't really know what to write, so maybe that's why i don't write. i have been crazy busy with work and school. not that work and school are busy, but seeing as how i don't have the greatest work schedule and how my school schedule kinda sucks, i feel like i am crazy busy all the time. i cannot wait for may to roll around. yes, in may i will be done with school, forever. well, forever until i decide to go to grad school. it's on the radar, but way the heck out there. i think maybe one day i will go, but it's taken me 12 years to finish my undergrad, so who's to say. i just can't believe that the end is here. it's kinda weird. now i will have to be a real grown up. or not. i think that i decided i wanted to work with kids because then i don't really have to "grow up." it's a theory, anyway. alright, so maybe i will do better and write more on this. since i did sign up for it. we'll see. later.