pretty good.

i caught a glimpse of this via one of my fave's twitter feed and i just had to share. there is a corner of my heart dedicated to justin timberlake, nsync and the rest of the boy bands from the late 90s. i also think that jimmy fallon is pretty talented, although i don't buy the late night talk show host gig...but if this is what he is coming up with on that gig, then i can't complain. enjoy.


top two tuesday.

top two favorite song...

1. carolina in my mind by james taylor (click here to listen) will always be my number one most favorite song ever. it reminds me of so many things, but mostly it reminds me of fall in boston. and that is never a bad memory.

2. sweet talkin' liar by jay nash (click here to listen) is my second most favorite song. i love jay nash...as has been established previously...and i distinctly remember hearing him play this song when i went to see him at a small (and by small i mean less than thirty people) show in park city. it was also the show where i purchased this cd. oh how i love jay.

is it because he is a tool?

so, while watching dwts tonight, i was informed (along with the rest of america) that the tool bachelor, brad (the one that couldn't make up his freaking mind and pick a girl) has opted for a do-over.

my immediate thought was that there can't be a girl, no less a whole group of girls, stupid enough to want to "date" him.

and then my next thought was that there must be (yay...super smart girl alert) or they wouldn't be doing it.

and then i thought, really? has the brand that is the bachelor run out of guys that are willing and/or wanting to date 20+ girls at the same time. there isn't some other dude out there dying to go on grotesquely "romantic" dates that end sitting in a gross hot tub. they really have to grant a do-over to this tool?

well, apparently, the answer is yes.

i was pretty much over the show after the last bachelorette (cause she was a tool, too) and vowed i wasn't going to watch the show again and this announcement solidified that decision.

but don't judge me if i watch every episode. i won't blog about it, though. sometimes i keep the amount of lame tv i watch a secret.

but, all that being said...i will watch at least three more "seasons" of the bachelor pad. it was gross, lame and oh-so-good. yep. i'm movin' on. i guess.

that's all.



there are not words.


this moved me today. it is spectacularly beautiful, so i had to share.

happy monday!


five question friday.

in the randomness of my every day life i find myself always thinking of things that i can blog about (because i am painfully aware of how lame this blog has become), but then when i make it to a computer my mind draws a complete and total blank. and thus, i don't blog. but i'm determined to turn that around. but because my mind still drew a blank when i sat down at this computer, i have decided to cheat. well...it's my blog and i can do what i want. so cheat, i will. anyway, until i can get back into a routine, you'll have to deal with what i give you. hahaha. that's all.

1. if you could speak with a different accent, what would it be?
what if i just wanted to speak with a real boston accent? does that count as a different accent? if i had to choose an accent outside of the united states, i would choose an australian accent.

2. can you fall asleep anywhere?
nope. well, maybe that's not totally true. mostly i can fall asleep anywhere...except for on planes. and maybe there are other places i can't sleep, but i haven't tried to sleep there so i don't know. let's hope i don't have to really find out.

3. do you use public restrooms? if so, do you sit on the toilet?
yes. sometimes when i leave work and go straight to wal-mart i have to use the restroom. sometimes i don't plan. and if you need to know, mostly i sit. most of the time i will lay toilet paper on the seat. but let's be honest, what disease has ever been caught from a toilet seat...? i always wash my hands and i never touch the door after i do...and i avoid bathrooms that don't have paper towels.

4. if you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, what celebrity would you most want to be stuck with?
hands down, chelsea handler. i want her to be my best friend. i think she is hilarious.

5. where did you & your significant other go on your 1st date?
blah. such a stupid question.



i love the sound of: silence. especially when i am working at the nursery and had a rough time getting the babies down for their nap...the silence that follows is blissful.

i love the sight of: my cute niece trying not to smile. can't wait to see the northwest crew this weekend.

i love the taste of: home cooked dinner. i made myself a dinner concoction last night that was divine. i am really enjoying having a kitchen again...it's priceless.

i love the smell of: my delicious dinner concoction. it smelled amazing.

i love the feel of: fall. it's here, y'all. best time of the year.


happy birthday, jay.

some shtuff.

my computer konked out on me about a week ago and so i feel like i am floating in space/neverland where i am not connected to anything. it is strange how much i rely on the internet to connect with friends and family and the world. thankfully, i have internet access at my work, so i'm not too lost. and my cell phone comes in handy every now and again. i'm hoping that the computer's problem is an "easy" fix and that my dear uncle kippy will be my hero and fix it. (here's to hoping...please, let us all pray together.)

i'm super excited that fall is almost here. i do love fall more than any other season. and while i am sad that i wasn't able to fully realize the goals i had set for summer, the coming of fall is a good consolation prize. i'll set the same goals for next summer and we will see how it all goes. maybe one of these years my summer goals will come to fruition.

my niece, lillie, turns three this week. she is having a rainbow birthday party. i'm pretty excited for her. i called their house to talk to my sister and i ended up talking to lillie. she asked me if i was coming to her rainbow party. oh, heck yes i'll be there. trust me, it's gonna be awesome.

i called to make sure my uncle could still fix my computer and my aunt invited us to a bbq at their house. i'm pretty excited. it will be my first visit to a home they have lived in for several years. i'm a terrible niece, apparently. plus i love my aunt and uncle. they were my favorite growing up. probably because they babysat us often and i got to spend time with them when they were living in my grandparent's basement. i'm pretty excited for an end-of-summer-labor-day-lake-winnamucca-bbq (don't ask).

i'm going back to school. i thought that maybe at some point, going back to school would come up, but i didn't think it would be this quickly. but, i'm pretty excited for it. i'm going to go back to get my masters in guidance counseling. mostly, i'm pretty super psyched about being able to work a job with a "school schedule"...ya know, with weekends and holidays off. that is a ways down the line, but the fact that it is a possibility makes my heart skip. i'm going to be taking some pre-reqs and then applying in the spring. the grad program doesn't start until next fall...too bad i didn't think about it a year ago...then i'd already be started. i have to thank some of my co-workers for lighting a fire under my butt...i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have actually followed through with this plan without their push.

the new apartment is growing on me. i mean, it's still small and sometimes i find myself thinking that i live in the ghetto, but it's my space and i can come and go as i please and i don't have to mow lawns and worry about watering the grass and all that junk. and i really like that i have full access to a kitchen again.

anyway, that's some shtuff.

that's all.