in case you were wondering what i did today...on this fine monday--my day off...i colored. and i'm not gonna lie, i enjoyed it. i felt like a kid...pretending to have no responsibilities or grown-up things to do. i just listened to music and colored. and i think i might do it again someday...soon.

and yes, i busted out the crayons and the markers. go big or go home.

and i have no idea how i decided upon nemo and a unicorn, but that is what happened and it was glorious.

how was your monday?
do you like to color?

that's all.

summer concerts and stuff.

summer concert-ing is upon us and the season opened a few weeks ago with an amazing show at red butte garden. it was my first time to that venue and i would absolutely make every effort to see as many shows as i can there. it was super-duper chill and beautiful...albeit cold. we would have been wise to bring layers...lesson learned.

the shins were headlining but the head and the heart opened. i have a deep love for the head and the heart. i love everything about them...even the fact that they seem like dirty, smelly, hippy hipsters. but clearly, their music has my heart. and their short set lived up to the hype in my head...always does. thankfully, they are headlining this fall...you can trust i will be there...and you are more than welcome to join.

show number two was last week and it was amazing. again, the venue was stellar. it was at the gallivan center in downtown salt lake. i've only been there once before and it was to see the same band...the avett brothers. last year i loved the show and it poured rain. this year was just as amazing and it didn't rain. and i was in great company. half the fun of going to a show is sharing it with friends and this one was no different. thanks, bek.

next week is show number three, joshua radin. i have mixed feelings about this show. i originally was planning on going with a couple of friends but they acquired tickets to another show at red butte garden that evening and they subsequently invited me to join them. it makes my heart hurt because a) i love all of the artists that are playing at both shows and b) note my declaration in paragraph one of this post. but, because i purchased joshua radin tickets already, i feel like i must support joshy-josh (we are close like that...i can call him joshy...he follows me on twitter). besides, it is at a venue that i have never been to (the depot) and i want to check it out. luckily, i think i have conned my out-of-town sister into going with me...coincidentally, this show falls right in the middle of our family vacation week at park city. like i said, mixed feelings. but i am excited to go with my sister...we always have a good time together.

there are two more shows lined up for the end of this month (band of horses) and one in august (iron and wine). it will be interesting to see how these shows go. they are part of the twilight concert series in downtown salt lake. i have seen both of these bands as well. the last time i saw band of horses i was with someone that wasn't that into being at a show and we left early. i am excited to fully embrace and enjoy band of horses this time.

i'm a little weary about going to see iron and wine again. last year, we spent some good money on tickets to see iron and wine and it was an epic disaster and disappointment. normally, iron and wine is fairly acoustic with a little of this and that, but fairly mellow. for the particular tour we saw, mr. sam beard (lead singer...and mostly the whole band) invited thirteen other musicians to join him. it was a wreck. not a single song sounded familiar because of all the instruments. now, don't get me wrong, the musicians were absolutely talented and had i not had an expectation of what i was going to hear it would have been enjoyable. but i was expecting to hear iron and wine and i was thoroughly disappointed. let's cross our fingers that this doesn't happen again. luckily, tickets were only five bucks so i won't feel bad walking right out of the show if it doesn't partially live up to my expectations. i'll totes keep you posted.

hopefully more shows pop up. i love to go to them so much. i don't know why or how or what started it, but i might be a little obsessed with live music. and i love it.

oh, and i convinced another friend to go camping...after three years of wanting to make that happen, this might be the year.

do you like live music?
do you have summer plans?

that's all.