thirty days: day seven.

(day seven): a photo that makes you happy.
follow along here.

this is my niece, kaylie, with her grandpa...my dad. there are several reasons why this picture makes me happy. let me share.

for starters, i lovelovelove that they are both pulling the exact same face. like it is in the genes or something.

second, i lovelovelove that my dad is pulling a face. generally, he is a stoic kind of man. but these grandkids of his have a very special power and can make him do a lot of things he wouldn't normally do.

finally, i lovelovelove my niece's eyes. don't you want to steal them from her? i do. just sayin'.

i'm so super excited that i get to spend a week-ish with these two...plus eleven...in two weeks. and it starts with a road trip with boots. it might be the best road trip/family vay-cay ever. i'll let you know.

that's all

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  1. I love it! Even before I read your blog I had to have Dave look at the picture and how they could make their eyes do the same thing . . . they had to be related! I remember being chased by that face of dad's . . . almost peeing my pants trying to get away, certain that he'd catch me and tickle me.