playlist mania.

i love music. i know that i have said this before, but i just wanted to remind you all of that at the onset of this post.

awhile ago, i happened upon this blog. not sure how i found it, but it is probably the most awesome blog find ever...seriously. the top two reasons i think it's the greatest blog find are: 1. who doesn't love a "mixed tape?" especially one from 1988. and 2. check out what he says in the "about me" section. need i say more? but i digress.

anyway, because of this blog, i am always trying to put together amazing playlists. you see, i have a plethora of music (remember how i love music--well, i love to collect it, too). and sometimes when i am in itunes i get a little overwhelmed trying to find different music, so i always end up listening to the same stuff and making playlists from the same stuff.

well, the other day i was rooting around in my itunes, trying to put together some spectacular playlists and i remembered this post. (just in case you decide not to link over, he says that two minutes and forty-two seconds is the "magical number" for great songs.) that's when i decided to make a playlist based solely on the length of the song.

and i have two words: uh-mazing.

i've picked a couple of different song lengths and both playlists are seriously awesome. stuff i would have never put together in a playlist. this method is going to be my new go-to method, for sure.

i encourage you to try it. i've tried 2:42 and 3:11. the latter is my favorite of the two, but still, both lists are awesome. if you try this, let me know how it goes. i dare say you'll love it.

that's all.


for today.

for today: february 20, 2009.

outside my window: last night there were three deer. two does and one buck. a small buck, but a buck none the less. too bad it wasn't deer season in my backyard. oh, and too bad i don't have a gun. i have been thinking about getting one, though. ya know, before the end of the world...i might need one.

i am thinking: about how common sense has failed many, many americans. and i'm thinking about how i spend too much time thinking about this. i mean, there isn't anything i can do to change it, so i shouldn't worry my pretty little head.

i am thankful for: a job, shelter and food.

from the kitchen: i can smell the burnt food on the bottom of the oven. for the love of pete and all that is holy, someone clean it. it's amazing that they can't figure out that the burning smell can go away...you just have to clean it up. weird. back to that whole common sense thing, eh?

i am wearing: what i always wear...clothes.

i am creating: super fun memories. hahaha.

i am going: to crash at the end of this day. nothing like working a grave, then a couple of hours in the morning and then a swing shift. gotta love work...even though i am greedy and have two jobs.

i am reading: the same book i have been reading for weeks. i mean, finish it already, i say.

i am hoping: that this cold will disappear swiftly and that i can go for seven whole days without cold symptoms. it would be a record for the season, ya know.

i am hearing: nothing. well, there is buzzing and whirring of machines. and there is a tv in the distance. and i'm typing. but nothing more than that.

around the house: there are little messes. someone took the initiative and cleaned yesterday (albeit, not very good). but there are still random little messes. boys. what do you do?

one of my favorite things: is new music finds. i just found tamarama. if you are a fan of the city, then you know this band. it's whitney's boyfriend's band. i'm a little obssessed with them.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include getting over this (the fourth for the season) cold. of course, there will be work and church and maybe some friend time, but i'm solely focused on no more stuffy nose. and no more sneezing. i'm over the sneezing.

here is a picture thought i am sharing: speaking of great music finds...this is my friend's band, resistor radio. we went and saw them play this week and they are fantastic. they are a little bit of everything. truly enjoyable. and they are truly talented. i'm going to be shamelessly promoting them, fyi. so, go and check them out.


my idol.

i'm riding this idol train all the way to the finish line. seriously. he is amazing.



i know it's been so long since i have posted anything of actual substance. i am not sure what is wrong with me, but i haven't been able to put together a complete post. i have ideas for posts and several partial posts, but i just can't decide how to finish them. i guess it's the crazy type-a personality in me. oh well.

anyway. not much is going on with me. i'm ready for winter to be over, but i was reminded today that there are several ways to survive winter in logan. and the number one thing on the list of things to help us survive these northern utah winters is aggie basketball. if you haven't heard, they are ranked number 22 in the coaches poll and 25 in the associated press poll. utah state basketball is definitely one of the most underrated programs in the country (and kind of always has been), especially since we always seem to be the ugly red-headed step-child of the utah schools in the local and national media. but that's okay. right now the aggies are 18-1 and they have the longest winning streak in the nation right now with 17 straight wins. they also have 30 straight at-home wins. and they have a fantastic coach who keeps them humble. so, yeah...go aggies.

i'm also still loving my job, even if there is a chance that things might change because of the state budget cuts. it's a little scary, but whatever happens will happen, so i am trying not to freak out about it. we should know something with in the next week, so i will keep you all posted...because i am certain you are concerned about my employment status.

speaking of employment status, i obtained a part-time job with a local school district in december. i know, i know...i should have told you, but remember, i was having blogging difficulty. besides that, my new job isn't really something to brag about. i mean, i get paid a fair amount of money, so that is good. and it's one of the easiest jobs that i've ever had. maybe even the easiest. so you wondering what i'm doing? i'll tell you. i'm working in the nursery of the young mother's school. i am a babysitter. i get to hang out with really cute kids while their mom's get their high school educations. its been super interesting, even fun. i really, really like the other nursery workers that i work with, which makes it that much better (even though one of the workers is trying to set me up with her son--another story for another day). so, in the morning i babysit babies and in the afternoon/evening i babysit bigger babies. hahaha. i guess i like babysitting. but really, it is a fun part-time gig.

right-o. that is about it for now. i am definitely going to try to get back into a normal blogging routine. we'll see how it goes. in the meantime, click on the links over there in the left hand column. you can always find some good reading there. okey-doke. later.