for today.

for today: april 18, 2009.

outside my window: the grass is turning green. love green grass...except for when i have to mow it.

i am thinking: about how i'm getting sick for the umpteenth time in the last six months. my immune system sucks this year.

i am thankful for: modern medicine and things like antibiotics, ear drops and pain killers.

from the kitchen: there is cleanliness. meaning, someone cleaned today. it will be a mess by tomorrow...but it's clean today.

i am wearing: what i am going to wear to work.

i am creating: this lovely blog post.

i am going: to be utterly annoyed if this ear ache doesn't subside quickly.

i am reading: the same thing i was reading last time. i know...get on with it already, huh?

i am hoping: that this bug goes away quickly.

i am hearing: great music, but it sounds weird and "tinny" because of my ear. i know, i'm a complainer...oh well.

around the house: there is silence. they have all disappeared. i'm assuming they will appear again later.

one of my favorite things: is britain's got talent. too bad i can't catch it on tv here. i guess highlights on youtube will have to do.

a few plans for the rest of the week: consist of getting rid of this bug and lots of work.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

not so relaxing.

for those of you that don't know, i have two jobs. my second job is just a little part-time gig i picked up via a co-worker at my "real" job. and if you are wondering what i do at my part-time gig...well, i take care of babies. i work in the nursery at the young mother's program for a local school district. it tends to be high drama (you know how teenage girls can be...they don't automatically mature when they have babies), but i really enjoy going and playing with the babies.

this last friday turned out to be a little more high drama than i wanted to deal with, so i decided to take my lunch to the local park to relax a bit before heading back for naptime (definitely the most hectic part of the day). i pulled up the park and saw the perfect table out in the open so i could enjoy the sunshine. i grabbed my lunch, got out of my car and started walking toward the table and realized that there were two buses unloading...what were they unloading, you ask. lots of little kids. so much for a relaxing lunch.

i was on the phone with my sister and she was laughing and told me i had to blog about this turn of events, so i decided to snap a couple of photos. so funny, yes...but not so relaxing. oh well.

the two buses...after they unloaded.

yes, they look so far away...but man, they were loud.

and they were even louder when lunch was over and they were playing on the playground.

that's all.



so, was it me, or was everyone annoyed by the new judging tactics on american idol last night? it was so lame that they cut the judges comments and then added all the crap with tarantino. since when is that dude a singing judge/critic/expert/connoisseur? last i checked, he makes movies...not music...but i may be wrong. i'm sure that will be the last time that they only let simon comment on half of the contestants. i'm sure he was even more annoyed than i was.

that's all.


feel-good story of the week.

remember this man...paul potts...and this amazing (and surprising) audition on britain's got talent?

well, now we have this lady...susan boyle...and this amazing (and surprising) audition on britain's got talent.

i highly recommend linking over to youtube and watching both performances. both performances bring me to tears...both are amazing...both are feel-good stories, for sure. and if you don't think so, well, then you don't...but maybe you need to defrost your heart.

that's all.


a random inquiry.

have you ever seen a picture and wondered who the people in the background are, especially in sporting event pictures?

for example, this picture (from here).

well, i didn't have to wonder too much about this one because...

the best part is...this picture totally and accurately depicts him. as his brother stated, "crazy fan." if you know him, you totally know what i mean. just thought i'd share. we all need a good laugh on a monday, eh?



so, i may or may not (go with may) have a bit of an addiction. to what, you ask? i will tell you. a dumb (but not really, cause it's awesome) game on facebook. what game, you want to know? mafia wars. i know, it's sad. but not really, cause it's awesome. i just thought i'd share. oh, and you should all join my mafia. i need more people in my mafia. do it. do it now. (i know, it's a problem. a sad, sad problem...but deal.)

last weekend.

growing up, general conference weekend was always a big deal in our family. we have some great family friends and every conference weekend was spent with them, either coming to our house or we would go to their house in idaho.

since my parents moved to vegas, general conference just hasn't been the same. but this year, my adorable sister wanted to waken the sleeping tradition and opened the doors of her home so we could spend some quality time together. my parents came up from vegas and our friends headed south, as did i.

i didn't get a lot of pictures, seeing as how i had that migraine/flu incident, but i did get a few on saturday night.

i really wish i would have been able to take some pictures on sunday. the big boys (matt, blake and derek) all played with the little boys (jesse and malcolm) and taught them all kinds of naughty things. funny but naughty things. and there was one moment when i walked out of the dungeon i was keeping myself in (ya know...because of the headache situation) and i saw the most adorable thing in the world. malcolm was conked out on the sofa, all snuggled up next to blake. oooohhhh. soooo cute. it was, really. but funny, too. i guess ya just gotta know them.

anyway, a few pictures. enjoy.

this is my mommy and my baby lillie. lillie thought she was afraid of me when i first got there and grandma was her safe place. she has a mouth full of bread dough here, too, btw. it was pretty funny.

my other mother jane and gail (matt's wife). this is the only normal picture that anyone got of gail. i'm not sure if she just doesn't like her picture taken or what, but i had to share the one picture i had.

this is what the majority of the pictures of gail looked like. in the rest, she has her face completely covered by the scarf. weird, i know. hahaha.

lillie and kristen. you'll notice that all but a couple of pictures were of lillie. i guess she was the most cooperative photo subject. malcolm just wanted to take pictures (see picture above) and jesse was playing...and the adults don't really like their picture taken...so lillie was it.

me and my baby lillie...i love how she is looking out the corner of her eyes.

lillie really likes grandma jane, too. she also loves sitting on the counter. and water. so, this was the perfect place for her.

jesse's brief appearance...and at least we got an adorable picture with his baby sister, lillie.

daddy's little girl...just when he got home from priesthood meeting.


for today.

for today: april 8, 2009.

outside my window: the boys are playing catch. and the clouds are getting darker. maybe it will rain. hopefully no snow.

i am thinking: about itunes. and how annoyed i am at my computer.

i am thankful for: external hard drives.

from the kitchen: there are gross messes. trash laying around. dishes that need to be done. and i'm sure it doesn't smell good.

i am wearing: a new do.

i am creating: this post. i know it's not much, but i'm still doing it.

i am going: to be bored again tomorrow morning. weird to think this is what my life was before the second job.

i am reading: the same dang book that i have been reading for months. i don't really want to finish it, but i can't not finish it. the joys of being in my head.

i am hoping: that the rain will not turn into snow.

i am hearing: nothing. just the clicking of the keyboard and whirring of the computer. oh, wait, there...i can hear the clock, too.

around the house: are boys. boys that make messes, live in messes, don't clean up messes. can you tell i'm annoyed by messes?

one of my favorite things: is having free time.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include some work. not too much, though. maybe some laundry. the bathroom needs to be cleaned. maybe that will make the list.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:


just some things.

here are a few things that i've been thinking/doing/feeling/seeing...you get the idea...this past week.

1. i have a brand new favorite toothpaste. i have been using crest whitening expressions in cinnamon rush for the past couple of years. once i find a toothpaste i like, i stick with it (obviously). but this past week, i branched out and got the wintergreen ice...granted same brand and "line" but different flavor. and i love it. like, love-love it. brushing my teeth is now my favorite part of the day. simple pleasures, people...simple pleasures.

2. i love college basketball. i love march madness. i love filling out the bracket and praying for random upsets. most of the time, i totally pick the winning teams based on emotion. i generally do okay when i do this, too. but this year, i changed up my tactics...i picked based on what the sports analysts were saying and what the statistics said. and i got hosed. only one team i picked broke out of the elite eight. good job uconn. pitt, you suck. next year, i will back to picking based on personal feelings and emotions.

3. i found the most amazing little music duo from sweden this week. two adorable sisters with voices to die for. they are called first aid kit. as of yet, they are not available on itunes (which is where i buy all my music, apparently). so, in the meantime, here is a cover they did of another amazing band's song. love, love it.

4. my computer tanked this last week. luckily, i have family members who can lead me in the right direction when this obnoxious stuff happens to me. and i also have amazing friends who can actually fix it. i am also very wise, and obtained an external hard drive and so i wasn't too concerned about losing what was on my computer. sadly, though, there were a few files that i hadn't transferred to my hard drive. but, good news, the friend who fixed it still has my files on is computer, so it might not be so sad. still, though, computer issues suck.

5. and finally, i got sick this week. yes, again. but no, not the same thing. this time around, i got a lovely migraine headache followed closely by the flu. and by closely, i mean simultaneously. it was a miserable couple of days. still getting over the after affects, but i should survive. i hate being sick. probably, more than anything in the world.

so, until next time, that's all.