some songs: day five.

still at it...check it out here.

day five: a song that reminds you of someone.

these categories really make it difficult to narrow this down to one song, so i am picking two. in all actuality, almost every song reminds me of someone. it what music does for me...helps me remember people, places and even things. so, instead of just naming a song and the person it reminds me of, i decided to go with the most sentimental. i know...cheese ball. oh well. i had to choose this song by the kingston trio. this is i'm going home.

this song will forever and always remind me of my dad. always. my dad and his best friend used to play this song and now that his friend is gone, it holds a special place in my heart. and it always will. and while it reminds me of my dad, i specifically remember going with my dad's friend's daughter up logan canyon so we could watch our dads sing this song at a father/son outing for their church ward. we were so embarrassed. we laughed the whole time, but this song is them. forever. man, how i am ever so grateful for that memory. i even had the chance to hear this song live this last thanksgiving. i was moved to tears because of the memory. love it.

this is the other song that reminds my of my dad (and his friend). i love that he sings it. i wish he would sing it more. just sayin'.

what songs remind you of the people in your life?
any sentimental songs?

that's all.


some songs: day four.

again, i'm being a lazy blogger. play along here.

day four: a song that makes you sad.

this is the first song that i thought of, so i'm going with it. i love jonny lang. on my short list of shows i really hope to see this year, jonny is near the top. i've loved him since the late 90s. he's an incredible musician and this song just screams sad... especially this version. his guitar playing is amazing. and this song is, as well.

and while, generally, it is a sad song, i associate it to a very sad period in my life. and no, it wasn't a break-up. but that sad period of my life evolved and now when i remember that time, i have a better grip, but this song can still evoke some of those miserably sad emotions that i had at that time. i love how music does that. it's why i love music. even sad music.

the runners up are iron and wine's naked as we came, band of horses' the funeral and first aid kit's you're not coming home tonight.

what song makes you sad?
do you like sad songs?

that's all.


some songs: day three.

still playing along here.

day three: a song that makes you happy.

this is far more difficult to choose than a favorite song, i must say. so many songs make me happy. i mean, in the last hour i have listened to multiple songs that make me happy. so instead of choosing a song that i've known for a long time that makes me happy, i am choosing the current song that makes me happy. it is we no speak americano by yoland be cool & dcup.

i've been taking a zumba class and this is my favorite "routine" in that class. it just makes me happy. literally. even when i think about it, it makes me happy. love it.

i first heard this song here, which also makes me happy.

what song makes you happy?
can it make you happy just by thinking about it?

that's all.


some songs: day two.

remember, i found this little gem here.

day two: your least favorite song.

while i appreciate all music, including music i choose not to listen to or have in my collection, there are still some really terrible songs out there. and a song can be bad for multiple reasons. generally, the reason i don't like a song has to do with the tune or melody or something along those lines. occasionally, i do dislike songs because of lyrics but i'm not really a lyric type a girl. usually the lyrics are the last thing i like/love about a song. and then there is not liking a song because it gets played way too much. but that's another story for another day.

so, considering all of these things, it wasn't hard for me to come up with my least favorite song. and to be honest, it haven't ever liked this song. and because i don't like this song, i'm not posting it on this blog...but i will link it here...macarena by los del rio.

the runners up include the thong song by sisqo, who let the dogs out by baha men and it wasn't me by shaggy. oh, and don't forget ice ice baby by vanilla ice (and i don't care what robert van winkle says...we all know he sampled under pressure by queen).

what is your least favorite song?
do you have more than one?

that's all.


some songs: day one.

i found this fun little challenge and so i'm going to do it...because i love music. and a challenge. and i love when other people tell me what to blog about. so there.

day one: your favorite song.

this is always a hard question for me to answer because i have lots and lots of favorite songs. i have favorite songs for different moods and seasons and reasons. but if i had to choose just one song to listen to for the rest of my life, i would choose james taylor's carolina in my mind.

i've written about this song here and here.

but in case you don't have time to make the jump, i love this song because it is the biggest memory trigger for me. it reminds me of boston in the fall. but it has morphed into so much more than that for me and now i have memories of sitting in a portland arena with my baby sister listening to and watching james taylor and carole king sing this live. don't worry, there were tears shed. i can't tell you exactly what it is about this particular song, but i love love love it.

what is your favorite song?
do you have just one?
or are you like me and have mulitple?

that's all.



it's tuesday. but you might already know that. it is my day off of work, so i got a few things done. like dishes and grocery shopping. and then i sat down to check my email and decided to blog. not because i have anything to blog about, but i will think of something...ready? let's go.

remember my new phone situation? well, sometimes when i am trying to figure out what my phone is capable of doing, i have flashes of wondering why i need my phone to do all the things it does. and then i saw this on twitter and had to laugh...it's exactly how i feel.

that being said, i am in love with my new phone. it does almost anything. and there really, truly is an app for that. there is literally an app for everything. and i love it and hate it at the same time. i'm sure it will all wear off, but the new-ness of it all is kind of exciting.

and with that being said, i feel like i missed a huge chunk of technological advancements when i decided to stick to my old, lame flip phone. i now know how my mother feels when i try to talk to her about computers and the internet. if my flip phone was the beginning and my new phone is the end, i completely missed the middle and it's a bit frustrating.

blah, blah, blah about the phone.

oh, except angry birds. i really, really like angry birds. just sayin'.

this is the next wreath that i am going to make. only, i want to make it in valentine colors, maybe more like these. but i haven't really decided yet. i figured i have a few days to decide.

[click picture for details.]

i want this pyrex collection. i am in love with vintage pyrex and have been for about two years. i want every set in every color. for reals. i am so jealous of this girl's collection. aren't you?

[click picture for details.]

and i would really love this necklace, too. lisa leonard's jewelry is to die for. one day...one day.

[click picture for details.]

and for good measure...a song. i love this. it's adorable and quirky and super fun. and they are talented, too.

that's all.


my favorite thing about today was...#3.

...and a little something about yesterday...but first, for today...

i was invited...at least i'm hoping that's what happened, cause i totally just made plans...to go see jay nash in southern california in march. this is going to be the highlight of my year. for reals.

i mean, in general, i just can't say anything more than that. jay nash. hotel cafe. swoon. you can read here and here to fully understand the love i have. and why this is my favorite thing about today.
(plus, he's way freaking hot.)
and then for the little something from yesterday...i saw this picture on a blog and remembered that i really liked the movie dear john.

probably mostly because channing tatum is ridiculously hot. well, once i saw the picture i decided that i wanted to see the movie, so i checked netflix on the off chance the it was an instant play and guess what...it was. i got to watch channing in all his hottie hotness glory. it was the best part of my day...since i wasn't feeling so great to begin with.

that's all.


wee bit wednesdays.

{one} have you ever been on tv? not on purpose. or rather, not that i know of.

{two} what was the best movie you saw last year? i honestly can't think of one movie i saw last year. that is sad. i mean, i watched movies, but not new movies.

{three} do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or left out? i don't sleep with sheets at all. just blankets/quilts. i don't like sheets cause they get all twisty. but if i did sleep with sheets, i would un-tuck them. i have to be able to stick my feet out.

{four} do you clip coupons? not usually. sometimes for specific things. but not for regular stuff. i should, though...maybe.

{five} do you count your steps when you walk? all the time. literally, all the time. what does that say about me?

{six} what sauce do you dip your chicken nuggets in? depends, but usually bbq sauce...sometimes mixed with ranch.

{seven} do you have any magazine subscriptions? five of them. real simple. surfer. shape. surfing. whole living. it's probably best not to ask questions about these. but i would answer your questions if you can't help yourself and you have to ask.

{eight} when was the last time you wrote a letter on paper? i've written cards, but i can't think of the last "real" letter i've written. i want to join a pen pal group/club so badly. it would be so fun.

{nine} what is your favorite fruit pie? definitely apple. although, i did once have a very delicious pear pie. almost to die for.

{ten} black olives or green olives? depends. but generally, both. and kalamata, too.

now your turn.
what can we learn about you?
that's all.


a long time ago, i found this blog. and i am always inspired by her. and last year i wanted to start this twelve photos on the twelfth of the month project that she does. but i didn't get around to it. and in trying to adhere to my resolutions, i figured i should really do this this year. problem is, i don't have twelve photos right now. but i have twelve things to say. and i'll work on having twelve photos for next month. deal? deal. so, in the meantime...twelve little things.

♦ i finally took down my christmas decorations. except for the tree. i mean, i took the decorations off of the tree, but i have to figure out what to do with the tree. i have a place to put it, but i can't think of what i need to put it in...because i don't think it should just be left out. any ideas?

♦ i hung up the pom pom wreath. and i've walked to my front door and opened it several times just to look at it. yep, it's that cute.

♦ i went and saw tangled tonight. and i loved it. love, love, loved it. i want to buy some of those lanterns for something special. or just for fun. they are beautiful.

♦ i need to take my garbage out, but every time i think that i need to do it is too late and thus, too cold.

♦ i'm way, way over the cold. i mean, i like winter and all, but this way below freezing has got to stop. and i know that if it's going to stop that means there has to be a storm and i'm okay with that. because i am way over the cold. i hate january.

♦ my cell phone broke. (you can see it here.) it was a really old sony ericsson flip phone. i never really liked it to begin with, but i forced myself not to buy a new one. i had it at least twice as long as i had had any other phone. it went from being a flip phone to a swing phone.

this write-up made me laugh pretty hard. i'm also way over the media hyping snow storms like they are going to be crazy natural disasters. they act like it has never snowed in this country before. i remember when i lived in boston ten years ago...we had a snow storm that shut the city down, essentially, but it wasn't the end of the world. it was an excuse to hang out in pajamas all day and then go sledding on trash bags. calm down people. snow melts. i am fully aware that it can be a pain, but it definitely and most assuredly will not be the end of the world if it snows more than six inches. promise.

♦ wouldn't it be cool if we really did have a snow storm that shut this mountain valley down? it will never happen. never. i guess that's what i get for living in the mountains.

♦ i got a new phone. (you can see it here.) a smartphone. i guess that's what they are calling them these days. and i'm frustrated by it. i always get frustrated with new phones. but i'm not gonna lie...i'm glad to be rid of the flip/swing phone. i feel like i'm up with the times now. and i got a sick deal on it. otherwise i would have just got another flip phone...that would have eventually turned to a swing phone.

♦ i'm really glad i wasn't a teen mom. not that it was a concern or anything. but i was thinking about that today at my job with the teen moms. they are wrecks. and potentially, they won't change or amount to anything more than what they are now. it's sad. there are a couple that have drive and ambition, but the majority don't. the only good thing...it creates job security for my "real" job with the juvenile delinquents. oh well.

♦ i made paper snowflakes a couple of weeks ago to match my pom pom wreath. i hung them up over my front room window. i feel like i might live in a second grade classroom. and i'm okay with it. i might have to stick to felt and yarn projects though...paper projects might be a little too much for me. whatever that means.

♦ a new wreath project was introduced to me by sweet, sweet teresa. it's felt. it is going to be heavenly. i'm doing it for february. i bet you can't wait to see it.

there is my twelve.
next time it will be pictures.
what's going on with you?
that's all.

the one with the craft night.

last week i planned a craft night with my dear friend teresa. since i have been wanting to make a pom pom wreath, i decided that was what i wanted to craft. teresa found her own wreath craft as well. we got together at her house and we crafted. and we made dinner. and we talked and talked and talked...just like two crafting women should do. and because my dear friend is a dear, she decided i couldn't leave her house without a completed craft, so she set her craft aside (which, by-the-way, is going to be absolutely beautiful) and she helped me complete my pom pom wreath. and, you guys, it is adorable. it turned out ten times better than i had anticipated and i had high hopes. and i can say that because i didn't make it all by myself.

so, for your viewing pleasure...pictures of craft night. and if you want to join us next time...you totally can. because it's super fun. because we are fun. well, teresa is fun and i just like to giggle. good times. good, good times.
at the beginning.
once the pom poms were made.
teresa did all the "organizing" and tying.
that'd be me.
getting excited that it's coming all together.
yarn. yarn. who loves yarn?
finishing up.
up on the door.
so january/cold/icy weather appropriate.
and for good measure, my second grade project...3-d snowflakes.
and yes, they match the wreath on purpose.

and because it is awesome...enjoy.

can't wait for the next craft night.
seriously...it's gonna be amazing.
what crafty projects do you have planned?
that's all.


the one with the resolutions.

i really did make a list of resolutions. most of them are pretty average. a couple of them are for my eyes only. and i'm pretty excited about them. and because i need to be reminded of them at some point, i am going to share them here.

{one.} be more organized. i am a "pile" person. i make little piles here and there in my house. my goal this year is the learn to throw stuff away that needs to be thrown away immediately and then to find a "permanent" place to put those things that don't need to be thrown away. simple yet oh-so-difficult.

{two.} something something something something. this is one for me to know and you to find out...maybe.

{three.} take more pictures. i used to take pictures all the time. and i used to use those pictures to blog with. i want to do that again. more. much, much more. this should be easy. i'm hoping.

{four.} scrapbook...more. scrapbooking requires pictures. mostly. so this goes hand-in-hand with number three. although, i have plenty of old pictures that i need scrapbook. we'll see where this one goes. it's going to be interesting because i just got full photoshop for christmas (from myself) and i am going to have to learn how to use it. it is so different from photoshop elements, so i'm a bit frustrated, but seeing as how i figured out elements, i should be able to figure out the full version.

{five.} be a better sister, aunt, daughter and friend. i have an idea of what i want this to mean. i want to communicate better. and more. i want to know what is going on in the lives of my family members. i want to know about what my nieces and nephews are interested in. i want to know how my sisters are doing...not just what they are doing. and i want to have better relationships with my friends. i have let many friends fall out of my life. and i didn't mean to do it on purpose. it happened, though and i want to fix that this year. i don't think it's a tall order. it will just take time. and it is time i have.

{six.} be crafty. i have a good head start on this. there is a pom-pom wreath soon to be unveiled. the biggest part of this resolution is to learn lots of crafts and then focus on those that i enjoy and love. the next up for me is knitting/crocheting. i am so hoping that these both come easy to me. i know that knitting is supposedly a little more difficult, but i am hoping that i don't get frustrated because my super ultimate goal in crafting is to make a pair of knit socks. good luck to me, eh? i'm excited.

{seven.} write more. i used to keep a daily journal. i want to start doing that again. and i want to write more on this blog. and i want to write letters. i want to get into a pen pal club or something. any way about it, i just need to write more.

{eight.} yada yada, blah blah blah. again, for me to know and you to find out. or not. we'll see.

{nine.} listen better. i try to listen as best i can. and for the most part, i think that i do an okay job. but sometimes i let myself formulate responses in my head instead of completely listening. i also sometimes just let my mind wander. i want to learn to listen better. to learn that i don't always have to have a response. and sometimes, maybe, the people that i am talking to don't really want me to respond...they probably just really want me to listen. this is going to be a little more difficult because it will take a lot of self reflection. it's totally do-able, though.

{ten.} read more. i have stacks of books. borrowed books. purchased books. gifted books. and i haven't read them. and i want to. so i'm going to. this year, i am aiming to read at least two books a month. i really should be able to read more than that, but i'm trying not to set myself up for failure. and i really want to start a book club. focusing on classics. or whatever. if anyone wants in, let me know.

{eleven.} yeah, yeah yeah yeah oh yeah. another for me. so sorry to leave you out. maybe you might find out. probably not.

so, there it is.
i'm pretty excited.
bring it on, twenty-eleven, bring it on.

that's all.


did you know that carrie ann inaba is the host of 1 vs. 100 on the game show network? i didn't until right this minute.

if you don't know who she is...well, i'm sure not everyone does, but i do because i'm obsessed with dance shows on tv. she is the female judge on dancing with the stars.

so i have to ask...isn't this hosting gig a ginormous step down from being a judge. i wonder what she was thinking. just sayin'.

that's all.


fill in the blank.

{you can play along, too...just go here.}
1. winter is  bearable until the holidays over. i hate every single one of january's thirty-one days. i mean, i know that is drastic, but january is dreary around these parts and if i have to listen to another person complain about the ever present inversion one more time, i might move. i know, that won't happen. and i will continue to deal with the january inversion, but i will always think it is miserable.  

2. summer is  almost as bad as winter, but not so dramatic. it gets hot in the summer and sometimes it is just better to stay inside...air conditioning is heaven in summer. i love that we have four seasons, even though they tend to be extreme seasons.  

3. if it were summer instead of winter right now i'd  be complaining about how hot it is. but at least there is no inversion in the summer. to be really honest, i would rather be cold than hot. so i like winter more, but i hate the inversion, so it ruins winter for me.  

4. my favorite thing to do in winter is  snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch movies.  

5. my favorite thing to do in summer is  spend time outside...checking out the stars. the opposite of winter.  

6. the ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is  anything that is comfy. maybe some cute crops/capris. definitely flip flops. a shirt. i just think "light and airy."  

7. the ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is  lots and lots of layers. sweaters and shirts and coats and scarfs. bundle up babies...it's cold out there.  

how do you feel about summer versus winter?
are you surviving this winter?
happy weekend.