fill in the blank.

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1. if i could get away somewhere for the weekend, i would go  to the mountains. preferably somewhere in the mountains with water.  and i would bring  a tent and a sleeping bag and some firewood. doesn't camping for the weekend sound delightful? in a perfect world, i would be able to do fun things like camping on the weekend. but since my life is awesome, i will be at work. don't be jealous.  

2. something i often rant about is  dumb, dumb, dumb, stupid, dumb, not smart, annoying parents. it happens daily around these parts. but i am justified. if you only knew, you would rant with me. promise.  

3. something i need to have in my fridge at all times is  milk. i don't drink it regularly...in fact, i usually buy the milk that has the furthest away expiration date because i know that i will need that much time to get through it. and when the date starts creeping up, i start drinking milk more regularly. the funny thing is, expiration dates don't phase me...except for milk. i abide by the expiration date on milk religiously. i know. i am weird.  

4. my "life-saving" product is  wonder waves. it is amazing. although, i recommended it to one friend and she didn't love as much as i love. maybe it only works on thicker hair...maybe. i suggest trying it if you have curly/wavy hair. it's magical. like unicorns and candy rainbows magical.  

5. a friend is someone who  puts up with your crazy, understands your moodiness, holds your hand through the unexpected and makes you laugh through your tears. fortunately, i have been blessed with some of the greatest friends in the world...especially my sisters. i'm so very lucky to call them all mine.  

6. if i could write my own blank it would be  somewhat similar to the lovely blanks that are regularly provided for us. boring, i know...but it is what it is.  

7. my favorite kind of art is  music. music is art, right? right. but if you mean visual art, then i like it all. literally. my favorite painter is claude monet, though. i've been lucky enough to see his work at the mfa and the mma. i really want to go to the nga so i can see my favorite monet painting, the artist's garden at vetheuil. there is something breathtaking about seeing those paintings in person. being in the presence of such greatness is humbling. something about this scene portrays that emotion pretty well. i also really love photography. specifically landscape and skyline photography. i really, really want one of these. i've also been eying this and this. and not to mention that i really love these baby animals. i mean, really...i could go on and on.  

what kind of art is your favorite?
where would you want to go this weekend?
do you have any fun memorial day plans?

that's all.

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