best. show. ever.

music. love. blah, blah, blah.

maybe you are over reading about all the music i love, but i have to share the greatness that i witnessed this last tuesday night.

i love live music (in almost every form). i don't think there is anything better. there is something about watching people do what they love that is good for my soul. for any soul, really. and the talent...oh, the talent. and then the combination of seeing the love for music and the talent draws me in every time. every single time. and i fall that much more in love with music. it's intoxicating. it's my drug. my addiction. and i like it.

fortunately, for me, i have partners. fellow "druggies", if you will. i can talk adriane and bob into going to almost any show with me...including shows at kilby court. they have only missed a couple...and with good reason. besides, it is basically adriane's fault that i love all the music i love anyway. she is the one that introduced me to jay nash...which, as it turns out, was the "gateway drug". yep, i'm blaming her.

anyway...about a month and a half ago, we had the pleasure of seeing the milk carton kids in logan. i learned that they were going to be in salt lake this last week and i knew i had to see them again and, of course, ade and bob were down. to see/hear the reasons why go here, here and here, just to highlight a couple. (and for the third time on this blog, you can go to their website and download their most recent release for free. yes, free. so, you are an idiot if you don't get it. just sayin'.)

seeing the milk carton kids for the second time also allowed for us to see joe purdy for the first time. i've been a fan of his for awhile, but i hadn't ever seen him live. and now i'm kicking myself for that. he is a songwriting genius. and quite possibly, the saddest person on earth. his songs are heart wrenching and depressing but so fantastic, you can't help but love them. his music has been in a plethora of tv shows and commercials. in fact, you might recognize this commercial and this one, too. and the best part of seeing joe is that the milk carton kids played a huge portion of his set with him. it was incredible.

at this point, if i were a real writer, i would write a prolific review of the greatest show i have ever experienced in my whole life. (with the exception of james taylor/carole king, clearly...which i haven't yet written about...reason why in the next sentence.) but for me, live music is emotional. so i find it difficult to put into words how the music made me feel.

just know it was the greatest show ever. seriously.

(and to read something different about the show and what happened after, head on over the adriane's internet home.)

that's all.

ps. i have to share the funniest part of the show...during shows, people are always yelling. mostly it is stuff about loving the artist, song requests and the occasional "i want to have your baby." well, towards the end of joe's set, someone yelled something...i didn't actually hear what they yelled, but my guess is it was about loving joe or wanting to have his children to which he quickly responded, "i told you to stay in the truck." i still laugh when i think about it. priceless. i wonder how many times he has used that. i would use it every night if i were him.

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  1. oh sigh. i wish i could see joe purdy and wicked on alternating nights. every night.