here is this week's challenge: so this week, no challenge, no props, no tours of your hometown. just you!

well, here i am.

now that was easy enough.
until next week.


fantastic photo fun.

so, i know that i say this all the time, but at work i have endless hours to "waste" and i spend a lot of that time surfing the internet. well today i found a very entertaining website and so i decided to share. mostly because i think that it is funny and i want to see how everyone else's pictures turn out. so upload a picture of yourself and transform it into art or even other races or ethnicities.

this is the original picture of myself that i uploaded.

and here are some of my favorite transformations. i opted for political correctness, mostly just because i liked the "art" better. but the race/ethnicity pictures were pretty funny, too.

botticelli was an italian painter during the early renaissance and this is what i would have looked like if i would have lived circa 1400 and i had been royalty and could have paid him to paint me.

modigliani was also an italian artist who worked mostly in france in the early 1900s. if we would have been friends round about that time, here's what he would have seen in me.

mucha was a czech artist about the same time that modigliani was around. if i would have lived in prague instead of france during the beginning of the twentieth century and would have been friends with mucha, he would have painted this picture for me.

manga cartoons are japanese cartoons. and if, perchance, i was not a human, but only a character in a japanese cartoon, this is what i would look like.

and finally, because there are not enough pictures of me in an inebriated state circulating out there, here is what i look like drunk. this isn't even close to true. nor are there pictures of me drunk. i've never been drunk. ever.

now everyone, do your part. i want to see you in all your transformed glory.


self-portrait tuesday (spt).

so, i found a fun tuesday activity while stalking other blogs. it's called self-portrait tuesday. every week, there is a challenge issued and then on tuesday, the participants post their work. i have been thoroughly entertained and have thought about what i would do for each challenge, so i decided to become a "registered" participant. this is my first "real" go at it. hope you enjoy. and if you are entertained/interested...you should do it, too!
  • challenge--now, go ahead and hand your camera to the person on your left. no-one there? okay, how about this: hand your camera to your little one, your husband, your aunt, your best friend. have them snap your photo. ask them to share with you one thing they love about you in the picture. make sure you share their comments when you post your spt.
well, i didn't get around to handing my camera off, but i did have some pictures that my niece had taken of me the last time she was in town visiting. i decided to just email her and ask her which picture was her favorite and why. i gave her three choices. and this is the one she decided she liked the best.

and my cutest niece said that the reason that she liked this picture the most is because i "look funny." and i have to agree. and even though i didn't get ready that morning and i didn't put on make-up and i'm wearing my glasses, i still like this picture. kaylie loves to take pictures and on this day, i was trying to have fun with her and so the fact that she said i look funny warms my heart. i love that kid. and her photography skills.

yea. my first spt. i can't wait for next week.
that's all.

i'll tell you what i want, what i really, really want.

well, as mentioned below, i sometimes get really bored at work and sometimes i have to prepare myself for the boredom. today, as i was doing my usual blog-stalking, i found this fun little activity. the gist of the activity is to google your name followed by wants. so, i googled "rachelle wants" and i found all kinds of things that i do want and others that i don't. and now, if you easily get bored at work, here is something for you to do to fill the time. thanks to my fellow blogger for this idea.

rachelle wants an apartment in a school district that has good programs for people with disabilities. absolutely. always looking out for the disabled. especially when looking for apartments.

rachelle wants to live like a "normal" family. who doesn't these days? but then again, what is normal?

rachelle wants her mom dead. this is an absolute, blatant lie. i will be suing whoever posted this on the internet. unless it's not really about me.

rachelle wants to arrive in style. it's not that i want to arrive in style...i just do.

rachelle wants to go to paris so that she can shop until she drops. no, i really don't. i have zero desire to go to france, but if you offered a trip to italy...i'm all over it.

rachelle wants them out of her garden now. i can't even figure out why they are there anyway. the garden, of all places.

rachelle wants to go first. sure, why not. learn from my mistakes.

rachelle wants to correct me. yes, but only because you need to be corrected.

rachelle wants to do some "vacationing." i'm not sure why vacationing is in quotation marks. maybe this particular kind of vacationing isn't a good thing. hmmm. but if it is just regular vacationing, then yes, i want some of that...the paid kind.

rachelle wants me to do the metal-sludge tour. only because it is a good way to get your stuff out there. and i ask, why not? metal-sludge sounds fun.

rachelle wants to name it. of course i do. everything needs a name. no need to leave this out.
rachelle wants to name it harper. oh. harper? no, i never said harper.

rachelle probably wants to go out to some fancy restaurant. there is no probably about it. i do. i do want to go to some fancy restaurant. please.

rachelle wants to be a rumble fish next season. yes, because i am tired of being a regular fish.

rachelle wants desperately to smoke, but she has asthma. well, first, i have zero desire to smoke and secondly, i don't have asthma. both terrible internet rumors.

and my favorite...drum roll, please...

rachelle wants 2 b ma utha half. (the translation reads "rachelle wants to be my other half.") yes, i do want that...so i can help you with your grammar/english skillz. brutha. frum anutha mutha.

good times. and now off to find another activity for the remaining five hours of this shift.

movie time.

i don't usually like to post this widgets and such, but i was bored at work and i found this to do, so i am sharing. these aren't all my favorites, obviously...but most of them.

that's all.


what are the chances.

so, i just had to share this picture. i didn't actually take this picture, nor do i know where it was taken, but it is funny all the same.

that's all.


i can't be original.

my roommate and i once: made dinner together. hahaha. we haven't known each other for very long and we have very different schedules, so we don't really spend that much time together. but i like her. she is fun. when she is not on the phone. hahaha.

never in my life have i: been skydiving. and i won't. ever. i watched a show on the discovery health channel the other night at work called impact: stories of survival. there was a guy that was skydiving and he had a small accident and fell to the earth going 60 miles an hour. he left a dent in the ground. and shattered his hip. and had bleeding in his brain. and it was all caught on tape. i won't ever skydive. especially after seeing that.

high school was: a good time. i probably should have studied more. i liked high school. no lie. but i probably would never choose to go back.

when i'm nervous: i get butterflies in my stomach.

when i was 5: i was stinking adorable.
when i turn my head left: i see the other computer and desk and chair. and all the stuff on it.

i should be: sleeping. but since i work this crazy, crazy schedule, i am not. i am working.

by this time next year: oh heavens. i have no idea. and it's okay.

my favorite aunt is:
awesome. actually, they are all awesome and beautiful and inspiring and amazing women and i am ever so grateful that they are my aunts. but right now, i have to say that i am the most amazed by my aunt mary. i have always looked up to her and have always been in awe of her ability to juggle twelve things at once and to do all twelve of those things perfectly without breaking a sweat, all while being an amazing and ever involved wife, mother and grandma. and now, as she is fighting breast cancer, her never-say-never attitude and her faith and her willingness to face this head on astounds me. and her grace and dignity in handling this trial in her life amazes me beyond words. she inspires me to be a better person and to try harder. not only am i grateful that i know her, but i am so very thankful that she is my aunt mary.
i have a hard time understanding:
why kids are so stupid. well, at least the kids that i work with.

you know i like you if: i talk to you. or think about you. or know you. or look at you.

my ideal breakfast is: food. i really enjoy me some waffles. but i like pancakes, too. or eggs. or cereal. depends on the mood.

if you visit my
hometown: you will fall in love. okay, maybe not. but you will be surprised at how not backwards it is and how big it really is and how beautiful the mountains are.

if you
spend the night at my house: we will have a good time.

my favorite blonde is: it's a tie between charlie and lola. hahaha.
my favorite brunette is: hmmm...i can't name just one, so i won't name any.

the animal i would like to see flying besides birds: umm...a unicorn, duh.
i shouldn't have been:
so lazy about my education.

last night i: went to
summerfest with sara and melanie. we went to see the pauni family perform polynesian dances. it was cool. unfortunately, i neglected to take pictures. oops.

a better name for me would be: superstar. or just star.

i've been told i look like: my sisters.
if i could have any car, it would be:
a cadillac cts.


the abc's of me.

the abc's of rachelle:

a – attached or single: single. very, very single. and i like it.

b – best friend: myself. but if that doesn't count, i have three. they are my sisters.

c – cake or pie: cake. yellow cake, to be precise.

d – drink of choice: depends, but i like water and diet mt. dew. and diet coke. and vitamin water. and milk.

e – essential item: only one? my phone.

f – favorite color: green. i like green. but like brown and pink, too.

g – gummi bears or worms: worms. definitely worms.

h – hometown: north logan, utah.

i – indulgence(s): music, tv, the internet, my computer, my camera. chocolate. diet mt. dew. cafe sabor. flip flops. hmm...i'm sure there are more.

j – january or july: january. definitely january. i'd rather be cold than hot.

k – kids: i like them. i like other people's kids best. i love my niece and nephews most.

l – life is incomplete without: my family. my friends.

m – marriage date: don't have one. but i think i'd pick a fall date.

n – number of siblings: five. three sisters and two brothers.

o – oranges or apples: oh. i like both. so both.

p – phobias/fears: losing someone that i love. not reaching my full potential.

q – favorite quote: "courage is fear that has said its prayers." --dorothy bernard

r – reason to smile: life.

s – season: fall.

t – tag three: no thanks. everyone should just do it.

u – unknown fact about me: i don't think there are really any unknown facts about me. some people may just know more than others, but i am pretty much an open book.

v – vegetarian or oppressor of animals: a proud oppressor of animals. i like me some meat.

w – worst habit: procrastinating.

x – x-rays or ultrasounds: ultrasounds are pretty cool, but sometimes i wonder if they just make up what they see.

y – your favorite foods: cafe sabor. asparagus. lucky charms. wheat thins. golden delicious apples. yogurt. apple sauce. green beans. steak (preferably the flying-m kind). salad. roasted potatoes. chocolate--anything chocolate. corn on the cob.

z – zodiac: taurus.


yes...that is really what happened.

so, a couple of weeks ago, at work, i gave myself a black eye. it was a doozy, too. i was on one phone and went to answer the other phone and i smacked myself in the face with the receiver. yes, i really did hit myself in the face. and i know that i could make up a story about how some kid got crazy and i had to take him down and he punched me or something, but i like the true story. it is funny. and i like to laugh. so, yeah, here is my black eye.

this is shortly after it happened, before it got real, real dark.

and that is the phone that i hit myself with. secretly, the day after i hit myself, i hit myself again with the same dang phone. it's not me, it's the phone.

yeah, something like that.

and for the up close.

one of they counselors that i work with said that if he didn't know better, he would think that i was in an abusive relationship. i assured him that neither my grandma, nor my roommate are beating me. hahaha.

that's all.

memorial day.

so, i know. i am really slow at posting anything. i need to stay on top of my posting.

i love memorial day. not because we do anything fun or fancy. i love it because it is the day that we get to go and visit the people that have gone before us and we get to remember them and the contributions they have made to our lives.

my dad's parents passed away before i was born, so i never got to know them. i love being able to visit them on memorial day and wonder what they would have been like. i loved when we were little, how my dad would tell us stories about them and he would imagine with us what they would have been like. this is a little cheesy, but when i make bad choices and decisions, i always wonder how disappointed they would be in me. weird, too, i guess. but i know they would have been awesome and i can't wait to meet them someday.

my mom's dad is the raddest man i have known (with the exception of my dad, of course). he was the most humble person. he had the greatest silent strength. and he was very handy. and he grew a beautiful garden and always had a beautiful yard. and he was fun. he taught me how to swing. when i was little, i was at his house and he was doing yard work and i was playing on the swings, but i didn't know how to swing properly. he taught me how to pump my legs. and he stood by the swingset until i got it right. it is one of my most vivid early childhood memories. how grateful i am for it. oh, and he could clean his dinner plate so clean that i wouldn't have had a problem eating on it after he did. it was an amazing talent.

this year, just kristen and i went to put flowers on the graves. and we were in a hurry cause i had to work. but we still had fun. and we found them all with a little trial and error and a very confusing cemetery map. hahaha.

that's all.