thirty days: day four.

(day four): my favorite book.
follow along here.

i'm a reader. i always have been. that is one of the things i am ever-so-grateful to my parents for...they encouraged reading. we had a library of books growing up...my favorite books as a kid were by gyo fujikawa...check them out. we even had encyclopedias.

my mom was so great about making sure that we got to go to the library. i remember her dropping my sisters and i off at the library while she ran an errand or two and then she would come back and pick us up. i loved that we got to do that.

in elementary school, we almost always got to buy books from the book orders...nearly always. in fact, i can't remember not ever being told that i couldn't have a book. as i grew up, i began buying my own books. when i lived in boston i would buy books on a regular basis to read on the train during my commute. i love to go to bookstores and just wander around.

but the funny thing is, i don't have a favorite book. there are books that i like more than others. there are books that i read over and over. there are books that i barely get through once. but i can't think of a single book that i would consider my favorite. (i'm beginning to think that i might have a problem...can i really not commit having one single favorite of anything? guess not.)

i don't really discriminate. in middle school, i read the babysitters club series...well, until i outgrew them. i also read sweet valley twins and sweet valley high books in high school. i was motivated to read the harry potter series, although i am only on number five. i bought the hype and i read the twilight series to book three, too...i can not talk myself into reading book four, even though it sits, in all it's glory, on my bookshelf. i love nicholas sparks books...i've read all of his and consider moving to north carolina after each one. i really enjoy john grisham...they make me wish i was an attorney. i have enjoyed a couple of books by laura zigman...whenever i go to a bookstore, i always check to see if she has written anything new...only once was i lucky and found a new book. but my favorite female author is jane green. she is british and so when i read her books, i do read them with a british accent...it's more fun that way...don't judge...try it.

recently, i finished the hunger games series and i quite enjoyed them...even the last one. and i've read the first two books in the girl with the dragon tattoo series.

currently, i have a stack of about thirty books that i want to read. most of them borrowed, many bought used and a few are brand new.

there is something about reading and diving into an alternate life that is so enjoyable to me. when we are little, we can freely imagine alternate lives and situations, but somewhere along the way to adulthood we lose that. i love that books can take us back to using our imaginations...it is why i love to read. fiction and non-fiction alike.

so instead of sharing a favorite book...because they are all my favorite...i will share with you what i am reading right now. i am finishing up the last lecture by randy pausch. it's amazing. and i've cried several times. look into it...read it. you won't regret it. i also started something borrowed by emily giffin. i went to see the movie for my birthday and loved it. but i immediately regretted that i hadn't read the book first. i always like to read the book first. that is always my advice...read the book first because it is guaranteed to be better than the movie. i will follow those two up by reading 1776. i borrowed that one from a dear friend and i need to hurry and get it read so i can return it. (sorry, tj...i'll hurry.) and then after that, we'll see where the stack leads me.

man, i love to read.

and don't worry...i've read all the classics, too. austen, steinbeck, tolstoy, fitzgerald, salinger, bradbury, twain, lee, hemingway...they all grace my shelves.

do you like to read?
what kind of books are you favorite?

that's all.


  1. I'm so glad there are other book nerds besides me :) I always have a book with me too. It's nice to just escape. When you wrote about the Sweet Valley High series, it made me smile...such good memories!

  2. i also loved svh. and pretty much all of those others. except nicholas sparks. boooooo. sooooo cheeeeesy i can't handle it. funny, though, because i loved the twilight books. my fave of all time is jane eyre. have you read that one?

  3. yes, ash...i am a book nerd. proud of it.

    ade...seriously, you loved twilight, but nicholas sparks is cheesy? really? really!?!! (hahaha.) but seriously, we need to check your meds. and i haven't read jane eyre. i guess that is weird. do you have it? can i borrow it?