thirty days: day one.

as has been discussed previously on this blog...many times over...i am a sucker for prompted posts. and because i am just trying to get back into writing and posting on my blog without feeling frustrated or that it is a chore, i am going to start this 30 day challenge. i promise it will be entertaining. and i will post other stuff, too...not just what i am "making" myself post. and, if you want, you should totally play along. the more the merrier, i say...all the time, i say that. enjoy.

(day one): my favorite song.

it's almost like writing about my favorite song would be musical overkill because, let's be honest, i know everyone is over all the music talk around here. but, i didn't make the list and so i am going to oblige the list and write about my favorite song. but i'm not going to write about my current favorite song...it's been done. i decided that i am going to write about a song that was probably a favorite song, but mostly i like the song because it conjures some pretty great memories.

the song is red wine by ub40.

growing up, we didn't have cable tv or a video game system or anything like that. we had our imaginations, art supplies and a tape player/recorder. and each other. i had my two younger sisters that were two years younger than me. yes, they are twins. and we did everything together. generally, i would probably say that i was the leader because i was the oldest and the bossiest. but, i think that collectively we played together very well. and we played all kinds of things. we probably played house the most. and barbies. maybe we played those equally. but when we got a little older, we played things like "newspaper."

yep. once (and i use that term loosely...maybe we played more than once, but i only remember once) we decided to write a newspaper. and in the newspaper, we had a song of the day or week or something like that. and, of course, it was just "our" favorite song. (it probably was just my favorite song and i made it be their favorite song, too.) and that song was red wine. and i have no idea why it was "our" favorite. clearly, we didn't know what it meant...maybe it was just the groovin' reggae beats. and you better believe that we recorded it off the radio with our tape player/recorder. but to this day, whenever i hear that song, i remember our lovely little newspaper and the song of the week.

i wonder if i saved that. i'm going to look for it. i bet you hope i did. hahaha.

and now that i'm thinking about the things we played as a kid, i think we even played radio station...with our trusty tape player/recorder. we played "ice skaters" with that thing, too...on roller-skates. oh no...i think i could go on and on. i'll stop.

that's all.

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  1. i LOVED that song in 5th grade. i had a crush on a boy named donald and he sang it all the time. ohhhh yeah.