fill in the blank.

yes...a day late. better late than never. i hope you are having a fantastic weekend. i decided to spend mine at work...ya know, just like every other weekend. don't be jealous. and happy mother's day.

1. what i love most about my home is  that i live there by myself. it's not fancy (the furthest from) and it's not big (again, the furthest from). but it is mine. alone. and i love it.  

2. i'm excited because  school is almost over, so i will be working just one job. while i love my second job, i love that i get a three month break from it. and good news, i officially have a job next year. it was touch and go, but the verdict is in and we have funding.  

3. my preferred method for blowing off steam when i am frustrated is  listening to music. without question, it always helps. and it is generally pretty easy and cheap.  

4. currently, i am craving  some sleep. i could use some sleep. but when is that not the case? i can always go for sleep.  

5. the thing i love most about my mom is  that she is so stinking nice. like really, really, really nice. so nice.  

6. if i was going to write a book about my life, the title would be  that's all. it's pretty simple.  

7. if i were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity, it would be  sushi. definitely sushi. sooooooo good.  

are you excited about anything?
what are you doing for mother's day?

that's all.

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