i love my mommy.

my mom, quite possibly, is one of the greatest people ever, in the history of the world. i know we all can say that about our moms, but seriously, i think i'm not exaggerating. she is amazing and i'd like to share some things i admire and/or have learned from her (and that i continue to admire and/or learn from her).

{this isn't the best picture of my mommy, but it is the most recent...taken on my phone...my sister and i were sitting on the floor playing with her babies and my mom came in and was laying on the bed...and since i was taking pictures of the babies, mom got hers taken, too...don't know why i felt the need to explain, but there. oh well.}

my mom is the essence of a woman. she is the most ladylike lady i know. my mother never wore sweatpants or lounge clothes or grubbies. my mom would get up in the morning and get showered and ready for the day...bed made and all. this meant hair done and make-up on. everyday. i don't even think my mom owns sweats. no lie. (well, that was a lie, cause she used to go walking in the morning and clearly, she wore something to workout in.) but for reals, she is always dressed to go. it's just really unfortunate that this isn't something that i inherited from her. i'm a bad daughter when it comes to this trait. oh, and no burping or passing gas at my house. and we didn't joke about it either. and my mom never, ever, ever, ever leaves the house without lipstick on. ever.

my mom is the kindest person i know. i really, truly, honestly can't remember ever hearing my mother talk bad about someone. she never belittled anyone or talked down to people. she always made us invite all the kids from our class to our birthday parties because she didn't want to leave anyone out. she didn't want us to be the kid that didn't invite someone to a party. i mean, i even had to invite the smelly kid from my second grade class to my party. and i got made fun of for it, but at least i wasn't the mean kid that invited everyone but the smelly kid. and that was all my mom.

my mom is the queen of all things craft. that's not even the full extent of it. she is the most talented crafter i know. she has made quilts for all of my nieces and nephews. she makes pillowcases for the kids all the time (and we finally convinced her that the adults want pillowcases, too...i got a dr. seuss one this last christmas...don't be jealous). she can picture what a finished quilt will look like just by looking at the fabric. at one point in time, she even owned her own cross-stitch company. i mean, the list can go on and on and on. i can only dream of being at least a fraction of how talented she is...and that would be amazing.

my mom was always involved with what we were doing in school and our extracurricular activities. and with six kids, i don't imagine that was an easy feat. she was a room mother for most of us, if not all of us...involved in pta. she took us to dance lessons and piano lessons. and violin lessons. and soccer. and football practices and games. and performances. and competitions. and recitals. and then, when my siblings got married, it continued...basketball and football for the brother-in-laws. the consummate cheerleader. and i don't think we understood at the time how time consuming that all was...but as i watch my sisters with their kids, i realize. and i am ever grateful that we were afforded the opportunities and then supported. and we were encouraged to be ever participating...which is sometimes rare.

my mom is a realist. when dramatic things would happen to us at school with our friends, we would come home and tell mom, but she never let us be dramatic for long. she always brought us back to the reality of the situation and pointed out how we could have handled the situation better and differently. it was so annoying, especially when i just wanted her to be mad at that one girl because she was so rude and i-can't-believe-she-did-that, but she just couldn't and/or wouldn't. nine times out of ten, my mom would turn it around on us and show us what we did wrong to make that girl do or say what she did. and as annoying as it was at the time, i am ever so appreciative of that now. it is probably the thing i am the very most grateful for learning.

my mom is the best and i could go on and on and on. as i sit here, more things keep coming to my mind. so i will save them for next year.

i love you, mommy.
i'm so glad you are mine.
happy mother's day.

(and happy mother's day to my other mother...you know who you are...i love you so much!)
(and to my sisters...who learned from the best.)


  1. that was fabulous . . . I kept trying to compose something and the words weren't clear . . . you said it all, sista. you are awesome.

  2. I love your mommy too. You summed it up perfectly!