monday morning music.

i discovered the lumineers a couple of months ago. i liked them, but i wasn't obsessed...which usually happens when i find good, new music. well, i've noticed over the last couple of weeks the lumineers have been all over the music blogs that i read. and so i decided to revisit and i am officially obsessed and in love. i can't help but love a new music find...and i can't help but share. enjoy. and happy monday.


sunday funday.

...or it is just another day...one where i work. so boring. but i will get over it, so don't feel too bad. you can feel bad for me just because i have to hang out with the neediest group of kids ever known to the cache valley youth center. i think individually each of the kids would be completely and totally tolerable, but the fact that there are so many and they are so needy makes me want to rip my hair out...among other things. but i am grateful for a job. and for the ability to be an example of a stable, functioning adult in their lives. because they don't have that. which then makes me feel bad for them...until they whine. and so it goes.

nothing too exciting happened this weekend. i did order a bountiful basket for the first time this week and i kinda like it. at first i wasn't super stoked about what i got, but then i realized that i got a super good deal...which is always a good thing. i also realized that instead of having to think of things to make and then going to the store, i just have to figure out what to make with what i have...which is so much less of a challenge. getting the basket takes out the annoying step of deciding what to make. i like the idea of narrowed options. it's much more calming for my brain. and i now have a ton of interesting fruits and veggies that i wouldn't have normally chosen. i was able to clean and cut some stuff up to have on hand for snacks. now i'm just deciding what to do with the rest.

i am super excited about the fact that it is starting to warm up. as much as i love the cold, i am ready for the warm. just not the hot. and i am ready for the green. the dreary gray of winter was super annoying this year. it normally doesn't bother me so much, but this year was different.

i ordered a new book from amazon this week. and i'm a super excited about it. i got parenting teens with love and logic. maybe it was weird that i didn't have it before seeing as how i work with teens, but i didn't. and now i do and i am super excited about it. i've thumbed through it a little and i can't wait to really read it. if you need any advice, i'm totally prepared now. seriously.

and finally for today...i just realized that i will be turning thirty-five in less than a month...not that i realized i am currently thirty-four and will be thirty-five...i just realized that it is already april and will soon be may. and thinking about said birthday kind of makes me want to vomit, truthfully. it is a very weird feeling. turning twenty-five was super emotional for me. thirty was thirty...just another day. but thirty-five just makes me want to vomit...in case you were wondering. trust, there will be more on this later.

how was your weekend?
how do you feel about your birthdays?

that's all.


a legend.

i was sad to hear about dick clark passing. he was such a legend. i remember watching american bandstand on saturdays. i can still hear the song in my head...and if you don't know the song...here you go.

and then the classic new year's even celebrations. it just won't be the same.

and because i couldn't help myself.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Dick Clark dies the year we aren't supposed to have a New Year's Eve... Well played Mayans... well played.

did you watch american bandstand?
what about $100,000 pyramid?

that's all.


my new career and other things.

i haven't been feeling great for the past three days. it started on sunday and i ended up coming home early from work because my stomach hurt so bad. it hurt all day, but i convinced myself that i'm a superstar and i went to work anyway...and i could only hack it for an hour. apparently, i'm not a superstar after all. i proceeded to spend that day and all day yesterday laying in my bed. i played a few games on my phone between naps and horrid trips to the bathroom. and then i got bored. and tv was too much that first day. so to occupy my time i found a new app...it's a scanner...as in police scanner.

this scanner situation is highly entertaining. between naps on sunday and monday, i would just listen to the police/dispatch chatter. and i had no clue what they were talking about. but after two days, i think i am totally ready to start my new career as a dispatcher. there are a couple of things i still don't quite get, but for the most part i'm fluent in law enforcement 10-codes. don't be jealous. seriously, don't. it's such a waste of brain space...but entertaining all the same.

any-who...just before i sat down to write this, i had a little list of things i wanted to write about...and now they are gone...oh, except this one...

i'm a huge fan of the voice on nbc. i'm totally rooting for tony lucca. and i think christina is kinda full of herself. but that is another conversation for another day. anyway, last night...after sleeping the day away and being unable to fall asleep...i watched the voice that was on my dvr. i mean, that isn't the part i want to tell you about...the best part is that when i finally did go to sleep, i had a dream that i was on a television singing show and that i was pretty good. like, good enough to win. but the majority of my dream was the behind-the-scenes. and in the behind-the-scenes, no one liked me. there were several little cliques and i was my own clique. but it was because everyone hated me because i was going to win. and at one point, i was trying to learn my new song but i didn't know the words and no one would let me get on the internet so i could google the words. yes, there was a conversation about google in my dream. and then it just got crazy...i mean, i can't even talk about it because it is so jumbled in my mind...that, or the fact that it is so weird i can't believe i dreamed it.

btw...i took melatonin last night when i couldn't go to sleep. i always have cray-cray dreams when i take melatonin. but the good news in this whole situation...at least i didn't dream about work or my co-workers. that's another problem i have...dreaming about work...a co-worker and i decided that we should get paid for dreams that have to do with work because it's like we never stop working. just sayin'.

one final, useless piece of information about my last couple of days...i love sports. especially football. but it's not football season. it's baseball/basketball season. and i don't dig the nba so much. and while i am a fan of baseball, in the sense that i want the red sox to win all the time (let's not talk about this season so far) and i occassionally watch highlights and check out scores and i will watch some of the world series, i'm not really a baseball watcher. i mean, live is a totally different thing...but i live in northern utah. well, over the last couple of days, i kinda became a baseball watcher. and i like it...a lot. i mean, there is more to this baseball thing that i realized. it's good stuff...i promise.

yeah...so that's about all i got. nothing super exciting. just a random post.

and for a random picture...me and my nieces a couple of months ago. man, i love them.

do you listen to scanners?
or watch baseball?
or have squishy, cute nieces?

that's all.


i'm alive.

so, here is the deal-io folks...it's been an incredibly interesting, draining, entertaining and productive few weeks. there have been some work incidents that i hope and pray will never happen again...to me or to anyone. i've had some good times with the family and the friends. i've also had some time to consider and reconsider my "dreams." that being said...here is a random list of stuff i have been thinking about...and to be honest, this list has nothing to do with anything i have previously stated...but enjoy the list all the same.

one. i have been enjoying cold cereal lately. specifically, i enjoy a good bowl of lucky charms. it's almost like a treat instead of breakfast. and i noticed the other day that i prefer to eat my cold cereal with a big spoon and not a regular size spoon. i'm sure you are wondering why i would even notice this...let me tell you. many years ago when my brother-in-law, brennan, was dating my sister he used to come over and have ice cream at our house, among other things. and brennan always preferred to eat his ice cream with a big spoon and not a little spoon. and this was annoying to me because my mom would then only get out big spoons and i would have to get my own little spoon. and before brennan, we were strictly a little spoon family. and clearly this was something that i should have been fretting about...anyway...i never thought i would like to use a big spoon for anything except for serving vegetables...but, alas, the big spoon has found a place in my heart. big spoons and lucky charms forever. i guess we have bren to thank...quite a living legend.

two. i already have plans to attend two concerts this summer. first, the head and the heart are coming to slc with the shins. and the avett brothers are playing at the gallivan center again...let's pray for no rain this year. these shows are literally months away. and i'm super-duper stoked about both of them. and i am hoping-slash-trying to talk a co-worker/friend into going to another one...grace potter and the nocturnals. bring on concert season. i have taken a break, but i am so ready to get out there again...and if anyone knows of any great shows, you go ahead and give me a holler...i'm always up for a show.

three. i removed my winter blanket menagerie from my bed this past week. i would much rather be cold in the winter than hot so i rarely, if ever, turn my heat on in my tiny, south facing apartment. but because it did get a little chilly at night, i compensated with a plethora of blankets. and socks and sweatshirts. but mostly the blankets did the trick. and i saved a lot of money on my bills this winter, so there. summer is a whole different story, though...a/c is our friend.

four. i'm so over anything related to the presidential election that sometimes i can't even watch the news. i want it to be over already. i know as we get closer to the actual election, i will be more interested but right now it is just too much for my feeble mind. jk. you know my mind is not feeble...i'm just bored with it all.

five. in the past two weeks, i have been involved in three major incidents at work. all of them were very serious and two required actual medical assistance...like ambulances and trips to the emergency room. and the most recent incident happened last night. i decided this morning that i need to take a vacation. clearly, my being at work is not helping. i mean, i am not causing these incidents...but i seem to be a common denominator. it is so obnoxious and annoying, but it sure does bring to life what my job really does entail and it gives me opportunity to practice my skills in a way that no training could prepare me for. and yes, just in case you were wondering, all of these incidents ended with good outcomes...nothing tragic (knock on wood).

six. i decided that i need to move into a bigger apartment. not because a one bedroom is small...but because i just don't have enough room for my crafts and to actually craft. i know...it definitely is reason to move. but seriously, i would love a craft room. and, yes, it could double as a guest room. which is probably why i should really move...more room to have visitors...but the tight quarters can be managed...we tested it last week when my sister and her three kids spent the night. it worked out just fine.

seven. finally...my dream to become a love and logic facilitator has to be put on hold. i am so grateful to the many of you that donated to the cause to help me out. i love that you supported me in this effort and that you wanted to learn about love and logic. i found out today that the seminar that i was going to register for...the one being held in may...well, it is full. that means that i have to wait until october to attend the seminar. i'm okay with this because i can redefine my dream/plan and i can make it better and greater and more successful. in the mean time, i would still love to teach any of you that want to learn what i know about love and logic. even though i haven't been to the training, i can still answer questions and help you problem solve your own personal situations, whatever they may be. also, to those that did donate...refunds are on their way or should have already arrived. again, thanks so much for you willingness to support me and my cause. love you all so very much...and plan on learning what i learn come october. thanks again.

what's new with you?
any random spoon issues at your house?

that's all.