the locator.

i am obsessed with this show. and i have been for a long time, but for some reason, i haven't talked about it until now. i'm not sure what it is about the reunions on this show, but i cry every. single. time. without fail. and i love it.

my personal experience with adoption is definitely a factor in my love for this show. i can relate with those that are searching for the children that they placed for adoption...to a point. i am very lucky in that i don't have unanswered questions like the birth families in this show. i am definitely advocate of open adoption...whatever that degree of openness.

anyway, you should check out this show. it's pretty stellar. sometimes the narration is "cheesy" and a lot of the family stuff with the host, troy, seems staged, but the stories of reunion are amazing.

that's all.


they do it again.

remember this face melting performance?

well, they struck again. only this time on a much bigger stage. with way more people watching. and even more incredible dancers (several of the sytycd dancers). where, you ask?

the oscars.

yep, they performed at the oscars and it was beyond amazing.
watch for yourself.

again, face melting.
frankly, the only reason i watched the oscars.

that's all.

ps. but because i did watch the oscars, i played along...and i only missed five awards. 19 out of 24 ain't bad. here's proof.