let it be written.

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i used to be a really good writer. and i don't mean that my writing was good...i just mean that i was good about writing regularly. i kept a journal and wrote in it everyday. and i pretty consistently wrote on this blog back in the day. but in the last year or so, i have found that i almost can't be bothered with writing. and i hate that i feel that way.

i made a resolution this past week to try and write more often. and i decided that i couldn't overwhelm myself by writing in my journal and on my blog, so i chose the journal (sorry). and i've done pretty well. i think that i missed one or two days. and i'm not going to lie, writing this week was quite therapeutic. setting the goal couldn't have come at a better time.

some things happened at work this week that could have made me super bitter and angry and a mess. but because i was able to write down my feelings about what had happened and what it all meant, i was able to process the feelings, come up with some resolutions (albeit, not the resolution that i wanted and/or desired...all the same, though) and then let the anger and frustration go. don't get me wrong, i'm still annoyed by what happened. but i have been able to find the positive in the situation and i would attribute that to the writing that i did.

i am hoping that writing everyday will help me evaluate some other struggles and situations in my life and that it will shed light on what i can do to make the struggles go away. and hopefully soon, writing in the journal will turn into writing on the blog. i'm not saying that it will, but it definitely is my hope.

are you a journal keeper?
do you have any stories to tell?

that's all.