thirty days: day six.

(day six): whatever tickles your fancy.
follow along here.

nothing is tickling my fancy today...so i will just write about what has been going on. boring...seriously.

this week was the last week of school. it is nice to have a break and work just one job for the summer. today there was a luncheon for all the faculty at logan high. it was pretty cool. except at the end, we found out that north campus (the young mothers school) is still on the cutting block. the school is having to make cuts. and they still don't know what they are going to do. the principal told us that we should know within the next couple of weeks. it is so stupid. so, so, so stupid. i just don't understand why we preach that education is so important but then we make drastic cuts in education. oxymoron, anyone? blah.

i'm super proud of the moms that graduated from north campus this year. one of the girls had her baby her sophomore year. he turned two this spring. and even though she had a struggle becoming a mother at fifteen, she diligently came to school. she almost never, ever missed...even when she probably should have because her baby was sick. and she decided that she wasn't just going to do the bare minimum...she decided to take a full load of classes at the high school, along with concurrent enrollment classes. because she worked her tail off, she was able to apply for scholarships and received three scholarships that will pay for her entire college education. i seriously couldn't be more proud of anyone. and the best part is that she wants to go into social work so she can give back and help girls like her. amazing. i'm not going to lie, i got a little choked up about it. i love success stories...because i can throw them in the faces of all the rest of the kids that i work with. hahaha.

my allergies are killing me. my eyes are burning and my nose is stuffy and i wanna crawl into bed and die. i'm considering discussing said allergies with my doctor. i guess i can just continue taking over the counter allergy meds, but what if i can get something better from my doctor? i'm gonna do it. done.

speaking of the doctor...i had to go see her on thursday. it was insightful and interesting...but mostly annoying. i love my doctor. i think she is fantastic. i think i really lucked out with her. i got in to see her on a "technicality" five years ago. apparently, she is pretty difficult to get in to...because she is great. but it is still annoying that i am having to go to the doctor. hopefully we can get some things figured out. especially my awesome 15-year-old acne breakout. and in the meantime, i am now a prescription medication taker. again. yay.

what is tickling your fancy?

that's all.

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  1. i have teen acne on my back. it's terrible. so i feel your pain, sista. also on the allergy front. i have found that my otc allergy pills are not only waaaayyyy more affordable than prescription pills...but they actually work better for me. who'd have guessed? good luck to you in your endeavors. i hope everything is all good with the doctory stuff. i'll see you on fridee. yay!