my favorite thing about today was...#4.

my favorite thing about today was...

at my work, we have a lot of downtime. or rather, we are able to create a lot of downtime (just depending on the group of delinquents we have at any given time). today, we created some downtime for ourselves. we watched the red sox game (boo to the cubs) and towards the end, three of the guys i work with started discussing that if they could choose any professional sport to play, they would choose baseball. the reasons were varied, but essentially the main reason was because there are no salary caps.

one of our new-ish co-workers blurted out that he would probably choose bowling because he has been itching to grow a mullet. he then pretended to hold a ball like he was going to bowl and shook his hair out. it went on like this for a couple of minutes. i was laughing so hard and when i would finally catch my breath, they would say something else. seriously, my stomach hurt and i had tears streaming. now, i realize that this is maybe not that funny to most, if not all of you (except you, jaime...eh and js were involved...and the new guy), but it was the funniest thing i had heard at work in a long, long time.

then we moved on and were talking about the red sox playing again tomorrow and one of the guys said that randy johnson was pitching and he has had a lot of time to rest his arm. (for those of you not familiar with baseball, randy does not currently play baseball. he is retired. and if you don't know what he looks like, click the link.) we laughed about that for a minute and talked about randy's nickname, "the big unit". then the new-ish guy said that he thought that maybe "the big unit" was a semi-pro bowler because he had a real nice mullet. i'm not gonna lie, i nearly peed myself. he also said that he would for sure perm his own mullet and then he would have a spray bottle to mist his hair so it always had that wet, flowing look.

omigosh. so funny. and i don't care if you don't get it. i will laugh pretty hard every time i think about this...every time.

and this is just another reason why i love my job.

that's all.

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  1. i don't even know the guy who said these things about mullets and bowling and the big unit. but i also think he is hilarious. :)