fill in the blank.

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1. my halloween plans this year will include  baking. well, at least i am hoping to bake. we'll see if i get to it. oh, and i get to work. saturday and sunday. so i won't be doing anything fun.  

2. my most memorable halloween costume was  probably when my older sister helped me and my little sisters dress up as 80s rockers...in the 80s. halloween wasn't really a big holiday around our house. my aunts and grandma would have parties and such, but it wasn't a fully celebrated holiday at our house.  

3. for halloween this year i am going to be a youth corrections counselor. gotta love my job.   

4. i've always wanted to dress up as  ...uhmmm...i'm not really sure that i've ever fully pondered this subject. i don't really think i have a burning desire to dress up as anything specifically. oh well.  

5. halloween free association:  candy. sugar. witches. vampires. dragons. trick or treat. haunted. scary.  

6. the worst thing about halloween is  ...well...i'm not sure. maybe the having to dress up thing. never have loved it.  

7. the best thing about halloween is  little kids in costumes. i mean, seriously, aren't they all adorable.  

five question friday.

1. if you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?
well, first, i hate flies. like, really, really hate flies. they totally gross me out. and they are so annoying. so, i would rather not be a fly. second, i don't think that i could choose just one wall. i can't think of something i would want to know over something else. i mean, my knowledge for unknowable information really does change from day to day. some days it would probably be work related...other days it might be friend related. who knows. but, for the sake of the question, if i had to choose one wall today, i would choose a wall at work. it would be nice to know what people are thinking and why.

2. do you budget your christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?
since i don't have a plethora of people to buy christmas gifts for, i haven't really budgeted in the past. i am working on living on a budget this year, though, so i might-maybe-probably-hopefully will have christmas budgeted this year.

3. what is the craziest fad diet you have ever done?
i don't really do fad diets, but we had a long conversation at dinner wednesday night about the hcg diet. that is one crazy diet fad. and guess what...i think anyone that is eating only 500 calories can lose all kinds of weight...hormone shots or not. i mean, i know people that have done it. i know it has worked for them. but the question remains, do they really need the shots or is the diet the main factor? one thing i do know...i'm not jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon.

4. is there a tv show that you have seen every episode/season of?
do i have to name only one? how about i just name the three shows i'm not embarrassed to say that i've watched every episode? they would be the office, friday night lights and friends. and the one show that i'm angry to admit that i watched every episode...lost. oh, so angry.

5. what one song always pulls at your heart?
there are so many songs that pull at my heartstrings. but the one song that always invokes a real emotional reaction is carolina in my mind. and when i got to see james taylor sing it live in may, i did shed a few tears. it is my most favorite song ever.


for today.

for today: october 28, 2010.

outside my window: it is starting to get dark. i'm not sure that i love that it's getting dark so early. having the sun up until well after 9:00 pm is one of my most favorite things about summer...the sun going down at 5:00 pm in the winter is one of my least favorite things about winter.

i am thinking: that this cold is moving down into my chest and i'm not okay with it. not at all okay with it. because i only have head cold medicine...not chest cold medicine. i guess i will have to go to the dumb store after work today. yay.

i am thankful for: my mommy. i decided that i was going to be crafty and make a fall wreath...and because my mom is so amazingly talented and crafty, i was able to call her and tell her what i wanted/needed and she is completely willing to help me out. i will definitely write about my fall wreath when i get started on it and when i finish it.

from the kitchen: there is no news. i have a list of things i want to make, but i just haven't gotten around to it. stupid cold. but, luckily i inherited some fresh fruit including a pineapple and two pomegranates and fresh veggies.

i am wearing: a smile. why wouldn't i be smiling? it is my monday back at work and i have a stick-around-cold and i am exhausted. smiling comes natural, right? well, at least i try.

i am creating: a fall wreath. i'm pretty excited about it.

i am going: to see tyrone wells and andrew belle on monday. i'm pretty stoked about it. the last time i saw tyrone wells, i wasn't quite prepared for the goodness and greatness that is his music. i am definitely much more prepared this time. i haven't seen andrew belle on his own before...just with ten out of tenn. he was in logan this summer, but i missed the show cause i had to work. dumb work...but this time i planned better and won't be missing him this time. i'm super excited.

i am reading: the jane austen book club and the tale of despereaux. i really need to get started on mockingjay, but i'm scared that i won't like it. and i don't want the series to be over. plus, i have a plethora of borrowed books that i need to dive into. here's to reading.

i am hoping: that the pounding and loud noises from upstairs stop soon. it's really annoying and i kinda want to go have a word with them, but i will refrain...and just hope for them to figure out it's way too late to be rearranging furniture.

i am hearing: sara bareilles' new album, kaleidoscope heart. oh, and the noise from upstairs. but sara is doing a very good job of distracting me. btw...i am going to see her on november 17th. i'm pretty super excited for that show, too. cary brothers will be with her. love him. and her.

around the house: there is clutter. i need to organize more and maybe even better. it is a skill i kind of lack. i mean, not really, cause most of my stuff is organized. but i have a habit of creating piles of stuff to deal with/look at later. i need to be better about those.

one of my favorite things: about today was learning that you definitely, for sure, can not in anyway shape or form judge a book by its cover. especially the kids i work with. man oh man.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include work and work. maybe some baking of halloween treats...at least i'm thinking about it. probably some organizing and cleaning. and then the concert. i guess, just some stuff.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:


this just made my week.

people, nothing could have made me this happy...but man, i'm ecstatic. i'm a sucker for a country movie, good or bad. and while i was perusing the itunes trailer website, i found this trailer. this may have just made my whole week.

it could have been worse.

well, it's monday. and while i don't normally have anything against mondays, this monday sucks. this is day three of the worst cold ever. i can't believe i got this sick and that i'm still alive. i wish i could just sleep until the misery was gone, but no such luck.

now, despite the worst cold ever i had a pretty decent weekend so i thought i'd share some highlights.
  • i got to spend saturday with my family. my other mother got married in idaho falls and my parents drove up from vegas along with my sister and her kids. i hadn't been to idaho falls for a long time, so it was fun to be there.
  • it was fantastic to see jane so happy and in love. i love that she now has someone to take care of her and to be there for her. i am so very happy for her.
  • i was glad to spend some quality time with my parents. they picked me up along the freeway, so i drove with them to and from the wedding. man, i love my parents. they are funny and entertaining and really amazing.
  • i got to hang out with my nephews and niece. they are pretty awesome. sometimes i just can't get enough of them. the best part of spending time with them was watching them play with derek, jane's youngest son. while we were waiting for everyone, malcolm couldn't get enough of derek. and malcolm is the shyest kid i know. but for some reason (no offense, derek) he absolutely adores derek. so much so, that before the wedding when we were at the house, malcolm was calling for derek who wasn't even there.
  • i quite enjoy the fact that we have these friends, jane and her boys, and that they are more than friends. they are the family that we got to pick. i love having real and true life-long friends, literally.
  • i got to watch how to train your dragon on sunday. i wish i would have been able to call into work sick, but i knew that it would be more of a hassle for my co-workers and i don't like to be a pain, so i went to work sick. maybe they will wish that i would have stayed home, but i am pretty sure that i got my cold from someone at work so i didn't feel that bad. anyway, work was chill and we watched a really funny movie. i quite enjoyed it. i recommend it as well.
  • this day, four years ago, was a life changer. not just for me. it was also the day i learned i can do very hard things and that i can and will survive. sometimes it seems pretty surreal. but mostly, i love that it is part of my history. or, quite frankly, it is part of me, of who i am. but seriously, can anyone else believe it has been four years?
so, while it wasn't the worst weekend ever, it still was the worst cold ever. imagine how much worse it would have been if i wouldn't have had all that fun.

that's all.


fill in the blank.

fill in the blank friday.
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1. i am  getting sick. like annoyingly sick. i have a raging face ache because of my sinuses. i wonder if it is bad to take four different medications. i mean, i am taking sinus stuff, zicam, emergen-c (and/or airborne) and advil. probably not wise, but it's better than bashing my head in, right? right.  

2. i wish  that i would never get sick. and that all my cleaning would do itself. especially laundry. and that i was a morning person.  

3. i like  friday night lights. and i was super excited about a month ago when i learned that abc family was going to be showing episodes every day. but then i found out this week that they pulled it off the air. because the ratings weren't great. but don't worry...they are still showing sabrina the teenage witch and gilmore girls. why don't more people like fnl?  

4. i can  do hard things. it's something i learned about myself four years ago this month. i can do really, really hard things.  

5. i hope  that this blessed cold is short lived. like, it would be nice to wake up tomorrow morning with no cold. here's to hoping.  

6. i think  tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. it is a wedding day and i couldn't be more ecstatic. i truly, truly am so happy for the happy couple.  

7. i was  not planning on blogging today, but alas, this cold has made for some down time. in front of this computer. yay.  

happy weekend.


deep thoughts on a sunday night.

the past few days i have been really contemplating the fact that i didn't imagine that i would be living the life that i'm living. i'm not sure what i really mean by that, but let's see where this writing takes me. i wasn't planning on writing about this, but i really think that if i can put into words what my feelings are, it will make more sense to me. if that makes sense. and after discussing this with a few of my co-workers, i realize i'm not alone in the sentiment.

you are probably wondering where this whole thought process came from and there isn't just one thing that brought it up, there are a couple. recently i happened upon a whole new slew of blogs that i've been stalking. i'm not sure how i happened upon them...blog stalking gets messy sometimes...they are all very well written blogs and most of the authors are leading very different lives than those of the people i know and associate with. they even lead very different lives from the authors of the other, or shall we say the original blogs i stalk. i'm not sure why, but i'm intrigued by these differences and it makes me wonder how they ended up in their lives and in turn, i contemplate how i've ended up in my life.

also, it's october...nearing the end...and for the past few years i have these little mini life crises in october. i mean, maybe not so much crises, but i definitely do a lot of soul searching and asking, "what if?," and all that jazz. i suppose it is to be expected, come this time of year and each year it gets a little less dramatic, but it's still there...the life contemplation...the asking how i ended up living the life i'm living.

plus this new plan for school and negotiating all that entails has made me wonder if i'm ready for the next three years. i knew that grad school was on the radar, but i didn't realize it would come so soon. and not that this is soon, but here it is and i'm a little shocked by it. don't get me wrong...i'm very excited and am very much looking forward to the opportunities that will come from getting my master's, but it is the getting it part that is a bit on the scary side for me. weird, i know.

so you add all of these things together and you get my crazy train of thought for the past several days. and while there are very few things i would change about the life that i'm living, i really do play the "what if?" game more than i probably should. and the most obvious "what if?" i ask myself is, "what if i didn't live in logan...where would i live?" and almost always the answer is boston. why? probably because i've been there and i've done that. i know what to expect there but it's so much different than where i am now that it is always my go-to city. and while i would absolutely love to live there again, it clearly isn't where i'm supposed to be. i know that. but i still ask the question...and then all the follow-up questions like, "what if i would have stayed?," "what if i had never lived there?,"...oh-so-many questions...it hurts my brain.

anyway...so, today i decided to run this question by some of my co-workers and all of them answered along the same lines as i do...no, this isn't where i thought i'd be, but it's where i am. i mean, one of them answered my question by saying that she lived on a farm...enough said. i know that we all have these thoughts and feelings. i know i am not alone in this. i am glad that i thought to ask my co-workers/friends today because it definitely helped me to feel not so alone in it all.

but the best advice i got was from a dear co-worker who told me to just live the life i want...make a bucket list and start crossing things off...decide where i want to be and get there...and it's true. so, in the meantime...this is where i want to be. i want to be engaging on this adventure of school. i want to broaden my horizon. and i do want to be in logan. i love logan. and i feel like i need to love it for a few years longer. and while there are sacrifices to be made by staying here, there are adventures to be had. i need to remember that. i can make my life what i want it to be. it's my life. (yes, that is a bon jovi reference. hahaha.) and there are no guarantees. obviously.


that's all.



in one word or phrase: confusing.
i'm dreaming of you: full blown autumn. more cool but sunshine-y days and cold nights. more crispness all around. please.
song on repeat: the funeral by band of horses.
gotta write it down: "it's like the pokemon legend is making this happen." from my 7-year-old nephew.
lesson learned: it's okay to see the negative as long as you can see the positive, too.
picture to frame:
highlight of the week: having two days off from my school job.
weekend to-do list: laundry. dusting. clean kitchen. organize desk.



today is my big brother's birthday. i always thought it was pretty cool that his birthday was on 10.10, but i love that he gets to celebrate this 10.10.10. i wish i could celebrate with him, but instead, i will write this post and celebrate from a distance.

i always looked up to him, even when he was really mean to me. (i worked through it in therapy, so i'm over it. jk. i mean he was mean cause he was my big brother and i think he was supposed to be mean, but i didn't really go to therapy.) i loved going to watch him play football when i was little. i loved that he would eat his dinner with his face two inches from his plate, meaning that his butt hung off the back of the stool (this might be something you would have had to see). i love (now that i think about it...but i didn't love it then) that he would always pick off of my plate and my little sisters' plates. the kid was never full. i love that he always got my little sister to do stuff for him. he always made her go ask my mom to make us pancakes on saturday morning. my mom would never say no to her and he knew it.

there are so many little things that i remember about him that i hold dear to my heart but they wouldn't really mean anything to you, so i won't bore you. just know that i love my brother dearly. i am grateful for the example he has been to me and my siblings and that he continues to be to all of our family, especially the example of a father and husband that he is.
happy birthday, brother.
i love you.


fill in the blank.

fill in the blank friday.
(but on saturday...don't worry about it.)

1. the first thing i do in the morning to start my day is  use the facilities. and then i brush my teeth and make my bed...that is if i don't get back into it.  

2. today i wish i was  not at work. i wish i was off doing something fun. i would really like to be at a football game.  

3. if i had an extra hundred dollars in my bank account today i'd  probably spend it on something stupid like scrapbook stuff...cause i need more scrap book stuff like a hole in the head.  

4. tomorrow  is sunday. hopefully it will be a fun and relaxing day. but chances are it won't be super relaxing because i get to work. yay.  

5. two things that don't go together are  a social life and my work schedule. it will forever be the bane of my existence.  

6. something i can never pass up at the grocery store is  tortilla chips. or corn tortillas. i have a weakness.  

7. the last time i tried something new was  a couple of months ago. i started doing my hair differently and it's working. and i like it. a lot.  


my favorite thing about today was...#1.

i am stealing this "idea" from a blog that i found while blog-stalking. i mean, i suppose it's not that original of an idea, but i thought it would just say... anyway, moving on...
my favorite thing about today was...

most of you know that i have a little part time gig with a local school district. i work at the school for young mothers and i babysit their babies while they go to their high school classes. i'm there for almost four hours a day. i usually get there right before lunch and then after lunch, it is nap time for the kiddies. well, today, there were only two babies in the nursery. and both of them are fantastic sleepers. they both went to sleep right when they were placed in their beds and they stayed asleep until the end of school...two and a half hours. now, for my favorite part...because they are such awesome sleepers, i was able to take an afternoon nap with them. it was priceless. sometimes i feel guilty for getting paid to just hang out, but other days counter that. needless to say, it was a great day.


aggravation station.

i like to drive. and i consider myself a good, conscientious driver. i don't get too frustrated if you aren't speeding in the fast lane, i try not to cut people off and i won't ever pull out in front of you if there is a space behind you that i can pull into. and i've grown out of my need to be the fastest car on the road. i don't ask much of the other drivers around me, either. but some days, some days i want to throttle people. and it amazes me that these people obtained licensing from the state and have since retained said licensing.

i'm sure you are wondering where this is coming from, so i will tell you. today, i drove to salt lake from logan. usually it's a pretty decent drive with some great views and it can be a relaxing drive. it is also a pretty quick drive so there isn't a lot of time to get frustrated. but for some reason, today was the exception to the rule. i was extremely annoyed with the drivers around me and to ease my frustration while driving, i came up with this list...in no particular order, here are the most annoying things drivers do. (at least here in northern utah.)
  • the fast lane is generally for cars that are going fast. i know that you think that you are going fast, but two miles per hour over the speed limit isn't fast. it's basically the speed limit. and i do realize that there are cars that are in the slow lane that are truly going slow, but to the rest of us behind you...all fifteen of us...here in the fast lane, you are going slow. move over.
  • pick a speed and go that speed. we aren't friends and this little game of "chase" isn't fun for me. it is annoying. if you want to go faster than me, go faster than me and then stay going faster than me the whole time you are driving. if you desire to go slower, by all means, go slower. and i know that you think that i'm "playing" this game with you, but really, i chose a speed and i'm going that speed. you are playing this game by youself. so stop.
  • was it absolutely necessary to pull out in front of me. it looks like there isn't a car behind me for at least a block...maybe even two. so when i honk at you for a little while, letting you know that you made a mistake and that you should have waited to pull out, maybe don't flip me off. they put horns in cars for a reason. i'm pretty sure one of the reasons is for me to let you know that you are a bad driver.
  • yep, it sometimes rains and snows and blows when we are driving. and i know sometimes that it can be a little bit frightening to be driving in the canyon while it rains. and sometimes it is ideal to slow the pace and manage your driving skills. but i don't think that going thirty miles per hour below the speed limit is actually necessary. especially when it's just rain, ya'll. rain. not snow. not sleet. not slush. rain. it's not gonna kill ya. and you know what? i have an idea. if you don't like driving in the "weather," don't drive.
  • it doesn't matter if you are following me at a distance of two feet or two inches, you riding my rear bumper doesn't make me want to go faster. in fact, it makes me want to slam on my breaks in hopes that you are following just a little too close and you rear-end me. it would serve you right. and i would sue you just for being stupid and a really bad driver. so, get off my "rear."
anyway, that's all i have for now. and now that i have shared said frustration, i can go and enjoy what i came to salt lake to do...visit my boyfriend. don't worry, i will let you know how it goes. it's going to be amazing.


sunday surveys.

it's sunday. and i'm bored. and so i thought i'd share this survey. because who doesn't love a survey? just be grateful i didn't send it to you in an email with a request to fill it out and return it to me within 90 minutes or we wouldn't be friends anymore.

a- my air conditioner is set on: low. my choices are low and high. with the option to turn the temperature cooler or warmer. my apartment still gets pretty warm these days, so i've been occasionally cranking it on low. medium cool.

b- my bedroom theme is: blah. there are no decorations at this point. i need to work on that.

c- the car in the driveway is: not in a driveway. more like a parking lot. and the car is dirty. very dirty. it needs to be cleaned. any takers?

d- my desk looks: cluttered. there is some mail and a couple of stacks of books that i need to read. rather, that i want to read.

e- the exact time i wake up daily is: varied. depending on the day, but most of the time i wake up around 8:30 or 9:00 am. whether i actually get out of bed or not depends.

f- the first thing i wash in the shower is: my hair. doesn't everyone wash their hair first? it's only logical...start at the top and work down.

g- my garage is filled with: hopes and dreams.

h- my house is: attached to my garage that is filled with hopes and dreams. but my apartment is coming along nicely.

i- if you peeked inside my bedroom you'd see: how small it is.

j- my favorite juice is: apple juice. for sure, apple juice.

k- the best part of my kitchen is: the carpet on the floor. jk. that is the worst part. the best part of my kitchen is that it is mine. all mine.

l- the last person who visited my home was: probably my friend, jessica. i guess i should probably invite more people over. but when would be the question at hand.

m- the last piece of mail for me was: my utility bill from logan city. yay for being an adult.

n- my neighbors think i'm: amazing...wonderful...fantastic. i mean, how could they think otherwise? hahaha. jk. i actually have never met my neighbors, nor have i ever actually seen them...that's weird, right? it is weird.

o- if you opened my fridge you'd see: stuff. i made stir-fry the other night that is in containers so i can take them to work with me. and tortillas. corn and flour. and milk. i should drink more milk, now that i think about it.

p- my last house party was: ??? i've never hosted my very own "house party," so this doesn't pertain to me. unless you consider any house party that i have attended...but then, i can't even remember, so yeah...???

q- a quick meal i like to fix is: latin beans and rice. it is amazing. and so easy. and cheap. if you need the recipe, you just give me a holler. i will totally share.

r- my favorite room of the house is: the whole thing. cause it's small. and because it's small, i can't like just one part. i have to like all parts collectively or else it will make me sad. have i mentioned that it's real, real small?

s- the shampoo brand i use is: frizz ease. have you seen my hair. it's only natural.

t- my largest television is: my only television.

u- under my bed you will find: storage containers. all shapes, sizes and colors.

v- the last time i vacuumed was: last saturday. it took me two point two minutes. yep, it's that small.

w- looking out my window i see: the sidewalk and the front grill of about six cars.

x- i wish i had x-tra: time. money. money. money.

y- my yard is: non-existent.

z- zzzzzzz my bedtime is: when i feel i'm tired enough to sleep. it varies.

that's all.


just another tuesday night show.

on tuesday, my bestie and i were able to attend the band of horses show in salt lake. and it was incredible and amazing and i love band of horses more now than i did on monday. but i love live music and sometimes i get wrapped up in the ambiance of a live show and i sometimes think that the band is better than i realized until i get back to listening to the cds and they are good, but not better. i hope that makes sense. anyway, band of horses is a band that was most definitely better than i realized and if you get the chance, you gotta go see them. besides the fact that their music is amazing, they put on a great live show.

but this week, as i have reminisced about the show...cause that is what i do...i got to thinking about how i came to know band of horses and why i wasn't more fully enraptured by their music when i first discovered them. well, because i feel like blogging...more...here is what i've come up with... (with my favorite songs interspersed.)

i can't quite pinpoint my first exposure to band of horses, but i remember seeing them on letterman maybe three years ago. i remember liking them very much, but i didn't rush out to purchase any of their albums. i actually didn't even google them or look them up on itunes or on youtube. weird for me, i know. especially because i did like them so much. so time passed and about a year ago, i was "reintroduced" to them via an "if you like...then you might like..." suggestion on a music website that i am a member of and i couldn't believe that i let so much time pass before investing in his little band.

i'm not sure what it is about them, but i really haven't found a song of theirs that i haven't loved. there is something so sweet and soothing about their music, but in such a guy's-guy way. i mean, that isn't even a real description, but it's pretty hard to describe greatness. when i would tell my friends that i was going to a show, they would ask who it was and if they hadn't heard of band of horses they would inevitably ask what they sounded like. this was an impossible question for me to answer. i just didn't know quite what to say. i guess that's what i like about them the most...they are unique.

so, that's what i did this week. and don't worry...i'm going to see griffin house on wednesday. anyone wanna come with me? i haven't invited anyone, so i might be hitting it up solo style. he's my boyfriend, though, so it's okay.

have any of you seen any good live music lately?

just wondering.

that's all.

ps. i forgot to take my camera into the venue with me, so no band of horses photos of my own. i just borrowed one from here.


fill in the blank.

because i like overkill...

...so, deal with it.

fill in the blank friday.

1. true happiness is  completely attainable. and while we have struggles, we can still be happy and have true happiness.  

2. the most surreal moment of my life was  going through the process of placing a baby for adoption. sometimes i catch myself remembering that it really did happen.  

3. my favorite texture is  ...hmmm...i don't think i've ever even thought of that before. does this mean surface texture, visual texture, food texture...so confused.  

4. my signature color is  probably red. or brown. or green. maybe i don't have a signature color.  

5. my signature style is  jeans and t-shirts baby, jeans and tees. oh, and hoodies.  

6. if i could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be  i would probably choose a store like nordstrom's or dillard's. that way, i can have a variety of stuff.  

7. the best thing about autumn is  absolutely everything. i love the way the air feels, the sun shines, the leaves change...absolutely everything is amazing about autumn.  

five question friday.

1. did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? where were (or are) they from?
i remember once in elementary school that our class had pen pals. i was in the fifth grade. i think they were from indiana or iowa. clearly, it wasn't that important to me. i mean, i loved writing letters and i loved getting them even more, but the location of said pen pal wasn't all that important.

but, speaking of pen pals...i would love to have a real pen pal now. a co-worker talked about getting some people together that would be interested in pen pals. i think letter writing is a lost art, truly. it would be fun to do something so "retro." if anyone is interested, let me know.

2. if you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?
i'm not sure that there is another job i would like to do more than my own job. maybe if being independently wealthy was considered a job, i would pick that. but if i had to choose something real, i would choose to be an executive of some sort in a powerful city like boston or new york.

3. do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?
i uber-super-duper afraid of what lived in my closet at night. the closet door always had to be shut. i couldn't sleep with it open. sometimes now i don't mind the closet door open, but i would prefer that it be closed. random, i know.

4. what do you think is a waste of time? why?
so many things, but currently, i think that nit-picking co-workers is a complete and total waste of time. i was blindsided yesterday by some information at work and it aggravated me beyond belief. i couldn't believe that what i was being told was a real conversation between grown adults. gossiping and nit-picking are pointless, useless and wasteful things to do...not to mention, very hurtful.

5. what is the oldest item you have in your closet?
i have a sweatshirt from my senior year of high school. i was the president of our deca club and my best friend was the vice president. the whole presidency got matching hoodies with our names and office embroidered on them. i loved it so much, but after my senior year, i didn't wear it much...i guess i figured since i wasn't in high school i shouldn't wear it. now i just don't wear it at all. but i can't bring myself to get rid of it...especially cause my name is on it.