thirty days: day three.

(day three): my favorite tv show.
follow along here.

i'm not going to lie...this could turn into an annoying post like the last one. so, i'm not going to do it...i'm just going to name one show and why i like it so much.

i've already written about this show, but i just love it so much...i'm currently obsessed with happy endings. in my opinion, it is hilarious. the writing is so great. it's snarky and witty and super relevant. and when i say relevant, i am referring to the fact that there are references made to current events. most generally, those types of references aren't made in tv sitcoms. i find it it to be very entertaining in a random sort of a way.

the characters are pretty interesting. they are very different, but are all friends which is intriguing to me. also, the actors that play these characters are fantastic. i kind of think that is most of the appeal for me...the acting is great.

i love that it is a show about relationships. there is a married couple, a couple that recently broke up, sisters, friends...so many different kinds of relationships. i'm a sucker for a show about human relationships.

we all know that friends is my all-time favorite tv show, so it is no wonder that happy endings is ending up on my favorites list. i will definitely tune in for season two in the fall. the final episode of the first season airs on wednesday. abc. tune in...i promise you will laugh at least once...seriously.

what is your favorite tv show?
have you seen happy endings?

that's all.

ps. i could have written about friday night lights, but i'm still super, super angry that it got cancelled. also, i'm boycotting nbc and haven't been watching the show on tv. i already purchased the final season and watched it in a matter of two days. it is so stupid that it got cancelled...it is a fantastically fantastic show...but it will live on forever in my sad, little heart. texas forever. clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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