some songs: day seventeen.

back on track with this.

day seventeen: a song that you hear often on the radio.

the other night, we took our youth (the youth i work with) to a movie and we heard this in the car on the way back to the center. when i got in my car to drive home, i turned on the radio and it was playing. it was a bit much. then i heard it again today. it seems like i hear it almost every time i am in a car and am listening to the radio. oh well. it's (the song otherwise known as) forget you by cee lo green.

are you hearing one particular song a lot?
are you annoyed with that song yet?

that's all.


some songs: day sixteen.

oops. i forgot i was doing this...check it out here.

day sixteen: a song that you used to love but now hate.

i can't, for the life of me, think of a song that would fit in the category. but there are plenty of songs that i overkill and then i get sick of them. mostly, that happens when i'm listening to the radio a lot. i discovered just this weekend that i can't stand katy perry's teenage dream. i used to like it. until radio killed it. like they always do.

what songs has radio killed for you?
can over playing a song change your feelings for it?

that's all.


some songs: day fifteen.

half way through this here.

day fifteen: a song that describes you.

this song is great. i have always wanted green eyes, but then i heard this and realized that maybe one day someone would sing it to me...and my brown eyes. so cheesy. i know. but who cares?

is there a song that desribes you?
or a song you wish described you?

that's all.


my favorite thing about today was...#3.

my favorite thing about today was randomly running into a dear friend when i was leaving the craft store. i walked out the door and saw a woman walking toward the door and my first reaction was that i knew her and then it hit me that it was my friend. we screamed and giggled like school girls and then i wandered through the store with her and we talked about crafts, and felt, and life and then we said goodbye. it was perfect.
anything good happen to you today?

that's all.

some songs: day fourteen.

again, more of this here.

day fourteen: a song that no one would expect you to love.

well, we already established that there isn't much that i love that would surprise people. maybe. i mean i can think of a few randoms. but generally, we all know i just love music. but just for kicks and giggles, this is a song that i love, love, love. i have loved it since i was really little. i remember when this song would come on the radio, my dad would holler at us to come to his room and listen to it. i'm not sure why. but i love it. and i still get a little giddy when i hear it.

what song do you love that would surprise people?
is it a song with a story?

that's all.

wee bit.

{one} ice: crushed or cubed? i don't generally care what kind of ice i have. if i have crushed ice, i will eat the ice. but otherwise, it's not something i think about.

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve? i can't choose just one. but if i have to, i can't stand it when people travel in the passing/fast lane. it irritates me beyond belief. i even yell sometimes. and i know they can't hear me...but maybe they can see me. but probably not...because if they were looking behind them, they would see all of us trying to use the passing lane to pass them. weird.

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality? well...uhmm...not any of them, really. i need to work on that, but i don't have the drive to get it done.

{four} do you save old birthday cards? i save all cards, birthday and otherwise. i save letters, too. well, good letters. i'm a sucker for written correspondence.

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic? i literally cannot remember. it might have been when i went to park to eat lunch and all the children showed up. i wrote about it here. i really think that was the last time i ate outside, not at a restaurant. maybe i need to change that.

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope? nope. never. i will read it if it is in front of me, but i don't seek it out. i will generally read another horoscope before i read mine to compare their similarities.

{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet? bare feet. i hate socks. and shoes. and slippers. i can't wait for flip flop season. it's coming soon.

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game? i'm not really a gambler. it's not really readily available where i live. and even when i visit my parents in vegas, we don't ever stop to gamble anywhere.

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book? nope. i sometimes think it wouldn't be that hard and then i really think about it and realize it would be a pain.

{ten} what is your favorite musical? i live and die for les miserables. i have seen it three times...once on broadway, once in boston and once done locally by a community theater. and i loved all three. yes, there were quality differences, but i love the music and the story. i cried when i saw it on broadway. i love watching talented people and i couldn't help but think that the people who were on the stage had worked all their lives to be on broadway...it was their dream and they were living it and i got a little emotional. it was so great. love it.

now your turn.
tell us a wee bit about you.

that's all.


some songs: day thirteen

are you over it yet? check it out here.

day thirteen: a song that is a guilty pleasure.

this was a funny topic to think about. why, you ask? because a lot of what i listen to could be considered a "guilty pleasure." for example, i'm not afraid to admit to listening to air supply. and liking air supply. and going to air supply concerts. some would consider that taboo. or in bad taste. i consider it appreciating good music. ya see where i'm coming from now? so, this is difficult.

i was going to choose africa by toto. but i'm not embarrassed to admit that i love that song. and that i have it as a ringtone. and that i've had it as a ringtone on every phone i've ever owned.

i guess what it comes down to is that i own all of my likes. and maybe that's because my collection of music is so eclectic. if i liked one genre, like country, but then randomly had some hip hop, that would be my guilty pleasure. but, for me, that just isn't the case. in my itunes there are 74 genres listed. granted, some of them a a little redundant, but even if you cut that in half that is still 37 genres. it is impossible for me to be embarrassed by my music. it just won't happen. it can't.

so, i guess i will choose one song that i really, really like that would probably be a guilty pleasure for a lot of people i know. lou bega's mambo no. 5. and yes, i own it. and i love it. enjoy.

do you have the same problem i do?
what are your guilty pleasure songs?

that's all.


some songs: day twelve.

just havin' a little fun...check it out here.

day twelve: a song from a band you hate.

this is even worse than having to pick a favorite. i literally cannot think of a band i hate. well, actually, that's not true. i am not a fan of "death metal" or "screamo." and anything along those lines. but i have no idea what band i would choose a song from. let me think about this...

...okay, got it. the jonas brothers. i don't hate them. i just can't stand them. and here is a randomly selected song. sorry if you like them.

what band is your least favorite?
do you like the jonas brothers?

that's all.


some songs: day eleven.

play along here.

day eleven: a song from your favorite band.

this having to pick favorites is really cramping my style. i guess that's what i get for having such an eclectic collection of music. off the top of my head whenever someone asks about my favorite band, i always say the killers. i know, i know. random, but i love them. really, i love brandon flowers. but i love the killers, too. and this is my favorite song from the killers.

and sometimes i even sing it like this:

what song do you like from your favorite band?
do you struggle with this like me?

that's all.



this is pretty cute. just sayin'.

that's all.

some songs: day ten.

a third of the way through this here.

day ten: a song that makes you fall asleep.

once upon a time, there was a movie called away we go. jim halpert was in it. it was cute. but the music was amazing. because it was so amazing, i immediately purchased the soundtrack and have been using it for my bedtime soundtrack ever since. i love to fall asleep to music. but it has to be mellow, sweet music and alexi murdoch is perfect for that. this is my favorite song. his voice is magical and the music is beautiful. of course. enjoy. but don't fall asleep.

do you like to fall asleep to music?
what do you like to fall asleep to?

that's all.


fill in the blank.

join the fun here.
{image via.}
1. if i could only read one magazine publication for the rest of eternity, i would choose  real simple. that was easy.  

2. if i were to run my own magazine, it would be  a mix between crafting and decorating. totally already done, but it is what i am interested in.  

3. i buy my magazines (at the grocery check stand or via subscription)  via subscription. if it doesn't come to my house, i'm not going to read it. just sayin'.  

4. i prefer my magazines (in print or online)  definitely in print. there are so many other things to look at on the internet, it's good to have something to look at in real life.  

5. the number of magazines i buy each month is  seven. don't judge.  

6. my favorite magazine genre is  lifestyle. but then i sure do enjoy a good gossip magazine every now and then. but i don't buy those. people i work with do and then i borrow them. it's easier that way.  

7. the magazines i read regularly are  real simple. shape. whole living. surfing. surfer. martha stewart living. and my church mags.  

what mags do you read?
what is your favorite?

that's all.

some songs: day nine.

still at it. what that is, you ask? this right here.

day nine: a song that you can dance to.

let's be honest about this...almost any song can make me dance. so, i will go with my most recent experience. the other night i was listening to music and doing the dishes. now, i know i have said it before, but i am going to reemphasize it again right now...my musical tastes are eclectic. very, very eclectic. for the most part, i usually listen to folksy music...ya know, guitars and singers and such. well, the other night, i had a hankering for some hip-hop. so i was listening to jay-z. and this little ditty came on and i did dance. while washing dishes. i caught myself dancing and laughed pretty hard. i'm funny.

please don't ask why i even own jay-z. or why i was listening. i just was. okay? okay. hahaha.
what songs make you want to move?
any random songs in your collection that you dance to?

that's all.


some songs: day eight.

join the fun here.

day eight: a song that you know all the words to.

wanna know a secret? well, i will tell you one. i'm horrible at remembering lyrics. dreadfully awful. i probably wouldn't be able to remember the lyrics to a song i've heard a million times to save my life. it's weird, really. i'm not sure why i'm like that, but i am. i can remember anybody's name, though. which is even weirder.

anywho...the fact that there is even a song that i know all the lyrics to is a miracle, is what i'm getting at. and it's an amazing song. so, without further ado...making love out of nothing at all by air supply. you are welcome.

ps. this song is full of the best pickup lines of all time. all. time. amazing.

do you struggle with lyrics?
what song do you know all the words to?

that's all.


wee bit.

{one} what was your favorite sitcom growing up? three's company. completely inappropriate, but we were too young to get it. i always liked the intro when they were at the zoo.

{two} what song always makes you happy when you hear it? lately, it's been we no speak americano. it's a peppy, upbeat song. can't help but smile.

{three} do you still have your wisdom teeth? nope. i got them out the summer after i turned sixteen. it was horrible.

{four} what is your go to way to relax? i like to listen to music or read. sometimes, i just like to watch tv.

{five} do you play any instruments? i can play the piano. and at one time i could play the violin.

{six} nude beaches...yes or no? no, no, no. no. absolutely no.

{seven} do you chew your pens/pencils? when i was younger, i used to chew the crap out of my pencils. i was also a nail biter...for some reason, i associate those. now that i don't bit my nails, i don't chew on my writing utensils. and i try not to put any writing utensils in my mouth...you never know where they've been.

{eight} can you change the oil in your car? i'm pretty sure i could figure it out. i've never tried, though. i can change a flat, though. that's a step ahead of most, right? right. and speaking of oil change...i need to have mine changed. thanks for the reminder.

{nine} can you curl your tongue? yes.

{ten} can you knit or crochet? no, but i'm going to learn how to do both this year. promise.

now your turn.
tell us a wee bit about you.

that's all.

some songs: day seven.

another musical gem thanks to this idea here.

day seven: a song that reminds you of a certain event.

one night when i was living in boston, the roommates and i were letting loose on a friday or saturday night. i can't remember if we went out somewhere or if we just stayed home. i am pretty sure we went out and then when we got home we were having such a good time so we stayed up and we were listening to music. at some point, someone turned the tv on and we ended up watching music videos for a long time. slowly, everyone disappeared because it was real late and i was left alone on the couch. and this song came on. and i rocked out to it while sitting on the couch...by myself. i still giggle about it. whenever i hear it, i am instantaneously back on that couch. so, here you have it...kryptonite by 3 doors down. btw, this video is crazy.

are there songs that remind you of certain events?
any embarrassing events?

that's all.


some songs: day six.

many more days to go...check it out here.

day six: a song that reminds you of somewhere.

the summer before my junior year of high school, we had girl's camp at bear lake. all the girls in my ward were pretty good friends. we all seemed to get along and we were really fun. at least that is how i remember it. anyway, the thing about having girl's camp at bear lake is that it was at the boy scout camp...which meant that there were boys at our girl's camp. we weren't supposed to hang out with them and they weren't supposed to hang out with us. but we were all a bunch of teenage kids...so guess what that meant? we all hung out. one night we were in the boy's tent and we were listening to this song. it is so amazingly cheesy, i almost didn't share, but then i had to because it is so cheesy. this song will always remind me of that night, in that tent and "getting caught." oh, the stories to tell. anyway, it's forever young by alphaville. i know you love it, too.

do songs trigger memories for you?
what song reminds you of somewhere?

that's all.