items of business.

it is sunday morning...and the sun in shining...and it's may. can you believe that it is already may? it is a little bit insane how fast the first four months of this year have flown by. i'm guessing that time isn't going to slow down anytime soon, either. anyway...
happy may.

i'm pretty excited for may. i'm really excited for the weather to finally change. did you know it snowed here in lovely, northern utah, this past week? yep...snow. full blown snow. stick to the ground snow. awesome. not.

i get to go see the head and the heart this week and i'm pretty dang excited. i haven't been this excited for a show...well...since the last show, but that's cause it was jay nash. if you haven't heard of them, or heard them, you really should. i really just can't say enough about them. for your listening pleasure, here are a few of my favorite songs: one. two. three. four five. (in reality, i just had to stop myself from posting their entire album here...seriously, that good.) and with a little luck, i will be able to spend this evening of live music with friends. that is always the best. live music and friends who enjoy live music.

next week, i will be attending another live show. and i am anticipating that it will be in the top five shows of this year. i will be seeing joey ryan and kenneth pattengale, aka the milk carton kids, again. if you remember, they traveled to logan with jay nash at the end of march. they are touring with joe purdy. i have never seen joe purdy live. i'm definitely looking forward to seeing him. and it will be at a venue that i have never been to. sometimes that can be half the fun.

growing up, we didn't celebrate easter with baskets and the easter bunny and such. but, come may 1st, our "secret friend" would stop by and leave us some special toys...maybe they left other stuff, too. but i just remember the toys. anyway, this morning when i logged onto my sister's blog, i was ecstatic that she decided to let the "special friend" visit her house. i got a little choked up, i'm not gonna lie. and the letter to her kids is the best ever. love.

speaking of love...i am in love with the royal wedding and princess kate (which, it turns out, is not her title...but i'm still calling her that). i was so anti-royal wedding the couple of weeks leading up to the wedding. i would change the channel to avoid any talk of the wedding. i'm guess that was for the best because i don't think i would have had any interest if i would have been inundated with information prior to the wedding. and just in case you are wondering, i did get up in the middle of the night to watch it. and i did dvr it. and i have since watched it again. i'm not sure what happened, but i became slightly (and by slightly, i mean extremely) obsessed. but mostly, i am obsessed with the protocol and the technicalities and the titles and all of that. oh, and the hats. the hats are amazing. uh-mazing. and ridiculous...don't forget ridiculous. but really, i want to learn so much about the royal family and the succession and how it was decided that william and kate would be the duke and duchess of cambridge, among other things. it's a good thing i have a newly acquired library card. i'm totally hitting up the library this week...if anyone knows of any good books about british royalty, i would love any suggestions.

speaking of william and kate...my baby sister is having a baby girl this fall. i'm ecstatic for her. she is such an awesome mom and that baby is one lucky little girl. the best is that her now youngest is a little boy named william. i told her yesterday that she had to name the baby kate. wouldn't that be priceless? and completely obvious? but not really, because william was born long before this royal wedding business. but wouldn't it be awesome if i could say that i was related to william and kate? i know, right? right.

those are all the things i have to talk about.
have a happy sunday.
i'm having sunday dinner at my favorite vacation destination.
don't be jealous.
that's all.


  1. I am jealous that you are going to the ranch for dinner... SO GOOD!!!

    Your sister must prove her coolness by naming her baby Kate! This must happen!

    I am telling May to "bring it"! And I think you should do the same!

  2. concert season is upon us and little else can make me happier than that. maybe except for the fact that i'll be seeing more of you because most of these shows are down my way and you're a much better concert patron than i am. :)