my favorite thing about today...#5.

my favorite thing about today is that so you think you can dance is back. woo-hoo. i love, love, love this show. everything about it is my favorite. i like that it means summer is beginning. i love the talent on display. and the music. let's not forget the music. i've found some of my favorite artists because of songs used on this show. i tell ya, it's just great stuff. and then, when it's all over, you can go and see live performance when they go on tour. if they make it to utah this year, i will for sure go...and you can come, too.

are you a sytycd fan?
why not?

that's all.


  1. LOVE that show! Happy that it has started there, because it means it's on it's us to south africa soon!! (there were alot of 'its' in that sentence :)) The inner wannabe dancer emerges - every season!

  2. I had no idea that she was moving and of course I am in when it comes to meeting up with you ladies!! By the way Happy Belated Birthday!