thirty days: day eight.

(day eight): a photo that makes you angry or sad.
follow along here.

angry? yes.

sad? yes.

let me explain.

this picture was taken a couple of years ago. actually, i think three years ago. it was the end of april. and much like this year, it was snowy and cold. enough to make anyone angry. not nearly as angry as i've been this year...because it is the end of may and it's still cold and dreary. so yes, the weather on display in this photo makes me angry.

that was my car. three years ago. around about the time this photo was taken, that card died. just straight up gave out. so stupid. whenever i see white grand prixs, circa 1995, i get angry. that car was paid for and it was a great car. and it died. and it makes me angry.

and it makes me sad. i miss that car.

dumb weather and car.
that's all.


  1. that pic made me sad and angry, too.

  2. Snow days pretty much always make me sad/angry!