thirty days: day ten.

(day ten): a photo of you taken over ten years ago.
follow along here.

this is me on the first day of kindergarten.

can we all agree that i was stinking adorable?

thank you.

too bad that went away in fifth/sixth grade.

what about you...do you love to look at old pictures of yourself? i do. it's too bad my mom has all the pictures all the way in vegas. i might steal them on this trip...and scan them. it's a real good idea.

that's all.

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  1. not too long ago, i had the lofty goal of scanning in all of our pics from childhood. it didn't happen. so, props to you if you can do it. maybe you can find a way to do it while you're at work with some serious downtime. OR you probably can just do it anyway because you're not slaving away at two jobs right now.

    ps...see you tonight. yay!