some songs: day twenty-five.

working towards finishing this.

day twenty-five: a song that makes you laugh.

i am choosing this song because i recently heard it. it is the most hilarious song to me. and the stupidest. but still, i laugh every single time i hear it. i know you know what i mean. and the reality of the song is somewhat hysterical...because it is true. (**be warned, there are some explicit lyrics in this song...besides the subject matter itself.**)

what song makes you laugh?

that's all.


  1. for some reason, "the dog days are over" by florence and the machine makes me laugh. and this is the reason why...last week, i was running, and that song came on. i wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics and then i heard her say, "run fast for your mother run fast for your father..." i started to laugh and now i laugh every time.

  2. i love that song...and now, when i hear it, i will think of you running and laughing. sweet. but you won't fall.