fill in the blank.

you can play along here.

1. i am looking forward to  breakfast with a friend on saturday. that is just the immediate future. there will be concerts aplenty in the next few weeks and a family vacation in june. i can't even tell you how excited i am. next wednesday i get to see the head and the heart. and then the following tuesday i get to see the milk carton kids (if you go to their website, you can download their album for free...yes, free) and joe purdy. in june i get to see iron and wine (and the head and the heart again). and then there will be a family vay-cay to sunny socal. i am pretty stoked about all of the above, that is for sure.  

2. something kind of embarrassing that i still love anyway is  reality tv. i know that it is overplayed and all that, but sometimes it is my favorite thing to watch. especially big brother. hands down, that is my favorite reality show ever. it's so crazy and an awesome sociological experiment. it's good, good stuff.  

3. my favorite car is  a paid for car. i didn't have a car payment for so long, so i kinda hate that i have one now. dumb car the broke. i would have driven it forever. but, if this question was about "dream" cars, i would have to say the cadillac cts-v coupe. it is definitely a dream car. but a girl can dream.  

4. if i could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be  early to mid fall. there is just something about the crisp, fall air that is good for my soul. i really could love it every day of my life.  

5. my favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is  veg out. normally, that includes watching a movie or tv and focusing on absolutely nothing of importance.  

6. this weekend  i am craft shopping. and going to birthday breakfast with a friend. and working. not bad, i'd say...not bad at all.  

7. if i were a color i would be  green  because  i just really like green. it can be bright and cheery. or sad and moody. or dark and mysterious. it's a good all-around color.  

what are you looking forward to?
anything exciting planned for this weekend?

that's all.


  1. i'm a sucker for reality tv! i love the bad girls club... the real world... the kardashians... all of those AND MORE! Bahaha you're not alone on that one girl!

  2. I love my reality TV...as much as I like to whine about how lame it is, I always tune in lol. Also, vegging out is definitely the best way to distress. That & a pint of cookies & cream is heaven.

    Have a great weekend!