fill in the blank.

play along right here.
1. fridays are  just another day. i work weekends, so friday is the second day of my work week...not counting my part-time gig. i wish they were more exciting, but working two jobs, seven days a week makes everyday a little less exciting.  

2.   my family, great music, time with friends, eating great food, being pampered, cute babies, puppies and flip flops  make me terribly happy.

3. something that inspires me is  seeing other people who have their own trials and struggles rise above and succeed despite the difficulty. realizing that i'm not the only one facing trials is somewhat comforting. if that makes sense.  

4. if i had a day off today, i would  probably go and visit my sister and her babies.  

5. if i had to put a label on my home decor style, i would say my style is  non-existent. actually, i would consider myself a minimalist. but i would also say that i haven't even really attempted to decorate. in all honesty, i have no idea where to even begin. i did just purchase a print from an etsy store that i have been eyeing for awhile and so i am hoping that can be a starting point.  

6. concerning politics, i would say i'm  conservative. politics are a joke right now, but i still lean conservatively. which is interesting, considering i work in social services. i mean, i don't really know why that is significant, but many of my co-workers find it odd that i am as conservative as i am. but there are a few of us, so i don't feel too left out. and i live in utah. enough said, right?  

7. i'd like to go to  iceland  so i could  see if it really is as beautiful and as interesting as it looks in the pictures that i have seen recently. there was a post on a blog with lots of pictures and i kinda fell in love with the idea of going to iceland. i mentioned it to a friend today and she said it wasn't in her top five...but it most definitely is in mine...now. italy, ireland and iceland. interesting.  

where are you dying to go?
and what about your friday?
anything exciting planned?

that's all.

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  1. i like that i learn a little something new about you whenever you do the fill in the blank. and now i'm doing it, so maybe you can learn something new about me...?