some songs: day twenty-four.

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day twenty-four: a song you want to play at your funeral.

to be really honest, i am not quite sure what i would want played at my funeral. i'm not so sure i get to have a say in it. i mean, i guess when i do die, the people that love me and that will be planning the funeral will know what i liked and what i wanted, but to say i know that now...well, i don't. i could go so many directions with this, but thinking about it now i really would want "god be with you til we meet again" sung. other than that, i have no idea.

on a lighter note, though...whenever i think about this question, i think back to a guy we hung out with when we were 18 or 19 years old. i'm not sure what his real name was, but we called him badger. everyone called him badger. one night at his house, he told us he wanted this song played at his funeral and so, whenever i hear it, i think of badger and his funeral. how is that for a memory?

have you considered this question?
what would you want played?

that's all.


  1. if I was going to give you one piece of advice, it would totally be to laugh more. (haha. You are fantastic.)

  2. I totally commented on the wrong post... deal with it...

  3. i do enjoy that you posted comments on the wrong post cause now i can decide for myself where they could really go.