today, while driving from one job to the other i passed a "student driver" car. when i passed them, i remembered back to my student driving days and i remembered how crazy/scary it was to be driving on the actual road. and then i remembered that driving in the "student driver" car was not my first experience driving on the road.

that's right. i drove before i was licensed to drive on the public roads. i'm not quite sure what possessed me or what my thought process was, but this is how it went down.

my parents were out of town.

enough said, right? hahaha.

anyway, i was fifteen. my parents were out of town and we (my sisters and i...i'm dragging them into this) needed to get something at the store. obviously it was very important that we obtained said item and that exact moment. kmart was right down the street from where we lived, but we didn't want to ride our bikes. clearly, the next logical step was to take the car.

now mind you, previous to this incident, my dad had been letting us drive the cars around the parking lot of the family business for, literally, years. the building sat in the middle (basically) of the property and there was a parking lot/driveway that went around the whole building. we would drive around and around and practice parking and the whole nine yards. maybe this is why i thought i could drive on the road. i had been practicing driving since i was twelve-years-old.

i'm pretty sure one, if not both, of my little sisters were with me. and it was just a quick trip to the store and back. we didn't go the long way and we didn't go for a jaunt around town. just straight down the street four blocks and back up the street four blocks. a mile. i drove a mile.


there was an apartment attached to the family business and growing up, there were always renters. during this particular time there was a lovely family living there and the husband/dad was a student at utah state university. he was a funny guy and he saw me take the car to the store.

here is where it gets a little foggy. i quite honestly don't remember why or where or any of the details, but i ended up giving this guy a ride...i don't even think it was the same day, but it was still that same period of time while my parents were gone (duh. i wouldn't have taken the car if they were there...thanks captain obvious). i do believe he needed a ride to the university campus because i remember driving up the hill. and the best part is that we weren't in the car that i had taken previously. nope. we were in my grandpa's old one-ton, manual transmission truck.

i really, truly wish i could remember the details. but here is the detail i remember for sure...said neighbor/nice guy outed me to my dad. he told my dad that he didn't know i had gotten my license. busted. i wasn't even sixteen yet. in fact, i think i was barely fifteen...almost a whole year away from being sixteen.

i didn't get punished...or, if i did it must not have been that tragic because i don't remember. i don't even remember getting lectured.

gosh. definitely not a shining moment. but hilarious. absolutely hilarious.

that's all.

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