repeated conversations.

(i just found this post...it was started 12.15.08. yes, more than two years ago. it was in my drafts. i don't remember starting it. i don't remember what the point of the post was going to be. but i thought i would just post it anyway...and emphasize that we all still talk about weight loss. but i don't think it is to the extent that it was when i wrote this. anyway, enjoy this incomplete and random post. and don't worry...there are more "drafts" where this one came from. oh, and i still feel this way about my co-workers...regardless of what has happened at work over the last two years.)

one of the best things about my job is the people i work with. i genuinely enjoy the company of all my co-workers. i mean, i don't want to be bff with each of them, but i am able to enjoy the time i get to and/or have to spend with each one of them.

my job consists of lots and lots of down time. time that can be spent watching tv, surfing the internet, playing games or talking. most of the time we talk. and we talk about everything. we talk about our jobs. we talk about the youth we work with. we talk about co-workers. we talk about our families. we talk about our finances. we talk about the stupid stuff we have done in the past. we talk about our hobbies. i mean, there is no topic that is off limits. seriously, no topic.

i bring this all up because lately at work, we have all been obsessed with discussing weight loss. it's truly a phenomenon. we have weight loss contests at work and there always seems to be someone trying to lose weight, but lately, it has become a bit extreme. this is no exaggeration, but in the last week, i have had at least one conversation about weight loss with at least six co-workers. i know i have had at least three conversations with one of those co-workers, so we are talking about non-stop weight loss talk. it is actually kind of comical at this point.

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  1. ha! funny...did you read my last blog post? my coworkers and i are also a bit obsessed with this. and, like you said it's been the same over the past couple of years at your job, i've noticed it's followed me around to whichever job i'm working. my friends and i talk about it, my sister and i talk about it, we all do it. how did we become these weight-obsessed people?! that is the question i beg of someone to answer...