an itty-bitty rant.

...but not really a rant. just something that i have been wanting to say for a very long time.

i have been harboring some intense feelings regarding a specific topic for a quite long while now. i decided to just let it go, as there was nothing i could do to change the situation. and i have been tolerating and/or suppressing my feelings about said topic for some time. but today i reached a breaking point.

i suppose i had been harboring the feelings because i couldn't formulate an appropriate or an accurate way to fully express myself and in turn, justify myself. luckily, i had the thought that i didn't need to justify anything to anyone. and i didn't need to use fancy grammar to express my feelings.

and so here it is...in all it's simplicity: i am not fond of (or more bluntly, i despise) blog posts that have anything to do with "what i wore today."

i don't need to see seventeen pictures of the outfit any particular blogger wore. yes, it i'm sure it is a darling outfit. and i'm sure the shoes do go great with the skirt. and that is fantastic that every item they are wearing is thrifted. or everything was purchased on clearance at target and cost $3.27. good for you, dear bloggers...but seriously...every. single day. i don't care. in fact, i can't think of anything i care less about.

now, i do feel like an explanation is in order...because i get that i don't have to read said blogs and i don't have to view the "outfit of the day" posts. it is my choice...but here is how i became a victim of said posts. there were a few blogs that i had been following because they were entertaining, or they had great ideas about decorating or simply because i like to blog stalk. but then all of the sudden, every single day, there are a plethora of pictures of these bloggers in these outfits in weird poses and it is creepy. really, i think that is what it comes down to, it's creepy. and so now, i can't even enjoy these blogs because i can't look past the creepy pictures of "what i wore today."

please don't get me wrong...i love the occasional "look-at-these-adorable-boots" posts. or the "i-made-this-skirt-look-how-cute" posts. and i do enjoy blogs that are about fashion and trends and the likes. the difference is the focus. the occasional share is not annoying, because seriously, who doesn't get excited about new boots or the ability to sew? and if the blog i am reading is about fashion, i would expect to see pictures of clothing regularly. i just don't need to see suzy-home-maker's outfit every. single. day.

and so, today, in my need to address this issue...because it was becoming an issue...i unfollowed a multitude of blogs. and it is most refreshing. and now, when i open my google reader and scroll through blog posts i won't be utterly annoyed. just entertained. and i will most definitely enjoy fashion blogging much more now that i don't have to deal with "what i wore today."

that's all.


  1. you are hilarious. i loved this post! rant on! :)

  2. How awesome is it that we are on the same wave length?!

  3. thanks, thobeka...i thought maybe it was a little too much, but i couldn't continue to suppress my feelings.

    i know, right, boots? the line i thought you would like..."in fact, i can't think of anything i care less about."