some songs: day twenty-three.

getting close to the end of this here.

day twenty-three: a song that you want to play at your wedding.

i have two songs i want played/sung at my wedding. i love the original versions of these songs, so i'm not sure if i want someone else to sing them or to just have them played.

the first is more by harry connick, jr. i heart him and almost everything about him...especially that voice. and this song is such a classic. i think i would have to just have this one played because harry is amazing.

and the second is feels like home by chantal kreviazuk. i love her version more than judy collins. but i think i would love to have someone sing this song for me. i know exactly who i would ask to do it, too. we've never talked about it, but i know she would do it for me. no question.

what song(s) do you want played?
or what song(s) did you have played?

that's all.


  1. i also LOVE that version of "feels like home".

    excellent choice. and i'm sorry, darling, but i cannot sing for you at your wedding because...um...i'm booked that day. oh yeah. and i suck at singing.

  2. gosh ade...how did you know i was going to ask you? c'mon...please?