some songs: day twenty-six.

only a few days left of this.

day twenty-six: a song you can play on an instrument.

i can play twinkle, twinkle on a violin. or maybe i can. it's been a long time since i have played the violin. a real long time. sad to say, but it is true. i can play a handful of hymns on the piano, too. this is the first hymn i learned how to play and was lucky enough to play it several times throughout my high school seminary experience. gotta love seminary.

in reality, i would give anything to play any song on a guitar, though.

do you play an instrument?
what songs do you know?
if you don't, what do you wish you could play?

that's all.


  1. very nice! i can play "jolly old st. nicholas" on the recorder and "mary had a little lamb" on the piano. there are a few songs i can play on the guitar, too...sorta. i'd need to do some brushing up before i play before an audience, though. i wish i could play the piano and the guitar and the drums and the trumpet.

  2. trumpet?
    i dare you to learn...we can rent you a trumpet...then you could play that at my wedding...and i'd let you pick the song.

  3. i'd first have to have some really intense music lessons because i cannot read music. bummer, huh?

  4. uhmm...we can teach you to read music...real easy.

  5. cool. then i'm down. ps i like the quote you have on your main blog page. it's a good one.