fill in the blank.

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1. the best prank i ever pulled was  when i was a freshman in college. my best friend lived in an apartment building above some guys that were a good six or seven years older than us...which, when you are 18 and just out of high school is a lot of years older...and we had this big brother/little sister relationship with them, which included lots of pranks. there are two that stick out in my mind...once, they wanted to borrow a blender for a margarita party and so before we took it down to them, we put some blue food coloring under the blades where they couldn't see it. margaritas are generally green, so when they blended the margaritas and they were blue, they were convinced it was because they used white tequila instead of gold tequila. they thought that the margaritas were blue because yellow and blue make green. hilarious. also, we once "broke" into their apartment and rearranged all of their cupboards. i mean, we basically moved them out and then back in. they didn't appreciate that so much.  

2. the best prank ever pulled on me was  pulled by one of the guys that lived in the apartment referenced above. i live in a small-ish community that was much smaller sixteen years ago. when i would stop to pick up my friend or to just quick run in, i would leave my keys in my car and the doors unlocked...and once, i even left the car running. joe, they guy from downstairs, decided it would be funny to play hide and seek with my car. when i went out to leave, he was sitting on the front porch and he was just holding up my keys and a yellow post-it with a clue on it. i got to go on a scavenger hunt for my car. it was hilarious and the whole time i was gathering the clues, i just wanted to high-five joe, cause i totally deserved it.  

3. a day without  some quality rounds of words with friends  is a wasted day. (btw...i'm totally joking about this, but seriously, i love this game. love. you should all be playing. and you should be playing with me. it's super fun.)

4. the most important things in life are  family and friends. i don't want to live in a world where i don't have family or friends.  

5. i dream of  lots of things. mostly, though, i dream of living a life of leisure. how awesome would that be? maybe, one day...but in the meantime, i will continue to change lives and influence the young 'ens.  

6. i dread  getting up in the morning. i am the worst morning person in the world. i would love to be able to skip the whole getting out of bed and starting the day. once my day is started, i'm good to go...it's just the getting started part that i dislike.  

7. a discovery i made this week was  unplugging from the tv is actually liberating. i haven't been watching tv all week and i've quite enjoyed it. it's been refreshing and i've gotten a lot of stuff done that i wouldn't have even thought to do. i did watch a couple of movies, but that was about it. i'm considering getting rid of cable all together...we'll see.  

what about you?
what's new with you?

that's all.

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  1. you writing about pulling a prank reminds me of something I did once... A future blog post for me... so thank you.