this is a big one.

so guess what? i'll tell you. this is my five-hundredth post on this blog. it seems a little crazy. i remember when i was barely at one hundred. i thought that was quite an accomplishment. and then two hundred was an even bigger achievement. three and four hundred just slid right by...mostly because i haven't been that great of a blogger for the last year-plus.

but here we are...five hundred posts. about nearly nothing. yet entertaining. incidentally, my good friend...and a recently returned blogger...adriane sent me an email earlier today that included some talk about old blog posts. i mentioned that i think i used to be funny which made blogging so much easier but she pointed out something i hadn't thought of before. i don't think i am funny anymore because we are almost real grown-ups. (i say almost because i will never truly grow up...i spend eight hours a day with juveniles...it will be impossible for me to fully grow up spending that much time in that kind of environment...at least that's what i tell myself.)

but it's true. my life has changed so much over the past couple of years and i am definitely in a different frame of mind because of those changes. and they aren't bad changes, but i can most definitely see how the changes have changed what i choose and/or like to write about and share.

do you think i just used the word change too much?

regardless, i need to rededicate myself to blogging. and writing. and documenting. i need to take more pictures. i also need to forget trying to entertain you, the reader and focus on entertaining myself. because i just read a bunch of my old posts and i laughed. at almost all of them. so, that's the plan. as long as i laugh, that's all that matters. and if you are entertained, then you are welcome.

thanks for sticking around for five hundred posts. i do appreciate you, my audience. because, let's be honest, even though i entertain myself, i wouldn't write this if i wasn't trying to entertain you, too.

thanks again!
that's all.


  1. i feel so privileged to be mentioned in your big 500th post! congrats to you and your perseverance and dedication. i humbly bow before you...ok. i'm done with that. you ARE funny. even as a (nearly) grown-up. the silliness will never leave you. and you will never not make me laugh.

  2. i was laughing because i noticed in my google reader i have both your old blogs...and i can still read all your posts. you, my chica, are funny...but stop deleting blogs.

  3. how are they still there!?!?? because i can't read them! can you find a way to copy and paste them to me? maybe i can do a "this day in history" or "remember when" or something fun like that. i would be forever indebted to you.