some songs: day twenty-eight.

can you believe it's almost over? check it out here.

day twenty-eight: a song that makes you feel guilty.

i have never thought about a song making me feel guilty...except for maybe a guilty pleasure song. i had to think about this one quite a bit and i picked this song. it doesn't have anything to do with my own personal feelings of quilt. it is just that when i hear this song, i am reminded of the movie, love actually. the scene when this song is played is heart wrenching and so sad. and the man should feel wildly guilty. because he is. so yeah, this song evokes guilt, but like i said, not my own guilty feelings. i'm not sure why, but that is one emotion that music doesn't trigger. that's a good thing, i tell ya...a real good thing.

do songs evoke guilt for you?
what songs?

that's all.

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