some songs: day thirty.

this is it...the final entry from this list here.

day thirty: your favorite song this time last year.

i was a little bit...and by little bit, i mean a lot...obsessed with griffin house this time last year. he is amazing and i adore his music. and he's real easy on the eyes. i was real attached to this song. and now that we have discussed it here, i will probably listen to it three times a day for the next couple of weeks. not bad, i tell ya, not bad at all. it could be worse.

thanks for enduring this 30-day song challenge that lasted three months. i sure did enjoy it. but now i need to find another prompt series. or maybe i should just start regular blogging. we'll see. but seriously, i hope you enjoyed the music shared.
what were you listening to last year?
any great musical finds this year?

that's all.

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