can't lose.

i love the tv series friday night lights. last friday, nbc aired the final episode of fnl. i'm not sure why this show didn't catch on, but it didn't. but those that did watch it loved it. i loved it. love it. today, i read an article about the lessons and virtues taught by this show and i couldn't have agreed more. it has been a long time since there has been a show that taught family values and responsibility and being a good person, regardless of what life hands you. this show was remarkable in that way. i will definitely miss it. but rest assured, i will always watch old episodes...texas forever. clear eyes, full hearts...

and then there is this video...for when i need to be encouraged...

did you watch friday night lights?
were you a fan?

that's all.


  1. nope. just couldn't get into it. but i watch weeds voraciously. no family values there. unless you count "stick together" because that's the only thing i think i've learned on that show. and how not to sell drugs.

  2. oh, but you best believe i have watched every episode of weeds...and it's true...togetherness is the most taught lesson.

  3. I am watching it right now. Sniff Sniff. I really have enjoyed this show too.

  4. You know I loved this show... I to can't believe that it is over.