because they are great.

i have a confession. it's not the juicy kind of confession. just a simple confession. here it goes...

growing up, i had issues with cold cereal. i didn't love cereal, but i would eat it because it's what we had for breakfast. and when i did eat it, there were rules to how i ate my cereal. and when i say there were rules, really it was just one rule...don't pour the milk too early. the grossest thing to me in all the world is soggy cereal...soggy food, in general. so gross. i discovered early on that there are certain cereals that withstand the addition of milk much better than others. and so i adapted and would eat those cereals that were less susceptible to the milk and sogginess. it was hard being a kid.

because of this aversion to soggy cereal, i steered right clear of all cereals that were of the flake variety. this included raisin bran, corn flakes, wheaties and frosted flakes.  and to be honest, it never bothered me. and i never really tried to overcome the aversion. as i became an adult, i would occasionally try a bowl of raisin bran here or there, but never really fully embraced raisin bran.

my issue with sogginess still exists today, but i am better able to deal with the aversion. i pull soggy bread off of sandwiches. i won't eat a soggy bowl of cereal and i won't make a big deal about it. bread bowls are of grossest thing ever invented. i just won't eat something on my plate if i feel the soggy factor is too great. it's not a big deal. and for the most part, i don't think anyone really knows how gross i think soggy food is...and that's okay.

well, here is the confession...i've overcome my aversion to flake cereals...flosted flakes to be specific. and now, i am a little (read a lot) obsessed with frosted flakes. i love frosted flakes. and it makes me sad that i missed out on the greatness of frosted flakes all these years.

one day at work i was hungry and the only thing that we had was a bag of frosted flakes. i decided to eat them. and i was in love. almost everyday since then, i have had a bowl of frosted flakes at work. and yesterday, i even went and bought my own box of frosted flakes to have at home...for my days off of work.

tony the tiger is not a liar...

frosted flakes...they're grrrrreat.

do you love frosted flakes?
does soggy food gross you out?

that's all.


  1. holy crap rachelle. i am THE SAME. i hated flakey cereals growing up for the same reason. so, i ate cereal like this: pour non-flake cereal into bowl (my fave is frosted mini wheats and life...well, they WERE my fave). get milk out of fridge. pour milk over cereal, juuuust enough to get the bottom portion of the cereal slightly damp. keep the milk with me at the table, because i will run out of milk way faster than i will run out of cereal. and that, my friend, is how i ate cereal.

    and i also had a thing for frosted flakes for a while. and now, i can't even remember the last time i ate cold cereal. sigh.

  2. hilarious, ade. these are the reasons we are friends.