fill in the blank.

i realize that i have been a complete slacker. but it's summer. duh. i have lots of things i want to post about, so get set...there are posts coming your way. and i'll finish my thirty day challenge, too. i'm sure you are wondering about that. maybe even losing sleep over it...so now you can sleep peacefully tonight.

oh and btw...i'm totally weirded out by the new blogger layout/look. anyone else?

1. my plans this summer include  lots of lounging. some late nights. outside activities. the fair. maybe a rodeo or two. only one job. maybe a road trip to vegas...because who doesn't love desert summer heat? the possibilities are endless.  

2. the best summer i ever had was  ...well, it's a toss up. almost every summer of my adult life has been fantastic, but there are three that stick out. the first is the summer after i graduated. for so many reasons, that summer was amazing. the second is the summer of 1997...i worked on the fuel dock at lake powell. so many great memories and i met some fantastic people. and the third is the summer of 2005. it was a summer filled with adventures and rodeos and great people and friends. but, like i said, i can't remember a summer that wasn't great in some way or another.  

3. summer is  hot. and carefree. and fun.  

4. my favorite summer food is  watermelon. i didn't even have to think about that. i love watermelon. also, my mom used to make this zucchini, onion and corn dish that tastes like summer to me...i love that, too.  

5. the best way to quench a summer thirst is with  water. boring, i know, but it is true. cold water is the greatest on a sweaty, summer day.  

6. my summer uniform consists of  the same thing that the rest of the year consists of...jeans and tees. boring.  

7. the best thing about summer is  that it is easy and carefree. sorta. there is something about summer that brings out the best in everyone. i love it.  

what do you love about summer?
any great summer memories?

that's all.

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