thirty days: day twenty-seven.

(day twenty-seven): this month, in great detail.
follow along here.

if a detailed account of my week is out...for sure, i'm not detailing my month. again, i'm abandoning the prompt. it'll be okay. it's my blog and i get to make the rules.

at the beginning of june, i went on vacation with the fam (plus a friend) to southern california. on the first day we went to the beach. i was sure that i sufficiently applied sunscreen. i burned myself...horribly burned myself...ridiculously burned myself. it was so bad, it was comical. so stupid. i mean, i generally can burn, but i have never been burned where it hurt as badly as that burn hurt. it took about two weeks to heal fully, but i think there is still some tenderness/sensitivity where the burn was. (i can't even fully talk about it because it was so dramatic and so many things happened to make it worse and more ridiculous...another day.)

last saturday, i went to a friend's son's rugby game. i wasn't outside for very long. maybe an hour and a half. i fried my face and arms. fried. not nearly as bad as i did at the beach...but it was a significant burn for not being outside very long.

i have determined that one: i am going to have to wear sunscreen all the time. and sunscreen doesn't smell good. so dumb. two: something might be wrong with me. has anyone heard of people becoming more sensitive to the sun? maybe its my meds. three: i'm going to stop taking meds. just kidding.

but seriously, i am afraid of the sun now. big, bad, mean sun. stupid sun.

i promise to keep you posted on any further sunburns.

are you sensitive to the sun?
what kind of sunscreen do you wear?
are you a daily sunscreen wearer?

that's all.

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  1. seriously, you need a gauzy long-sleeved shirt to wear outside . . . oh and seersucker pants. lol! but really, I'm scared for you. promise you'll see a dermatologist sometime before next summer and then every year after that. the burns you have had are crazy.