lost art.

you wanna know what i miss? i will tell you. i miss mail. paper mail. mail that is delivered by a mailman. to your mailbox. mail that is not bills. or junk. just good old fashioned letters from friends or family sent via the united states postal service. mail.

and i didn't even realize i missed mail until today. i pretty much only get junk mail, bills and magazines, so today i was surprised by a lovely, little green envelope in my mailbox.

i wasn't super surprised to receive this little green envelope, but it was unexpected. but only unexpected because we live in a time where the art of handwritten correspondence is lost.

the little green envelope contained a lovely thank you note from a dear and darling friend. and this friend could have just as easily written an email and said the same thing. even a text, to be honest. and i would have known that she was sincerely thankful...because she is a lovely, genuine, thankful person. but getting the little green envelope with the thank you note meant even more than i can fully express.

taking the time to find a card, hand write a message, put it in an envelope, address the envelope (with two addresses...the to and return), put a stamp on it and find a box to drop it takes a little doing. and so, the fact that this friend did this makes my heart smile.

this simple act of sending a thank you card made me so happy. and it made me think...would the world be a different place if we all received little green envelopes in the mail on a more regular basis? maybe. maybe not. but i like to think yes.

and so today i had a thought...i'm going to start sending real mail. via the united states postal service. again.

you see, i used to send mail all the time. i have a huge box full of stationary and cards. but i haven't had use for said box in recent years. until now. if you want real mail, let me know...send me your address...i'll send you something. promise. and maybe, i'll send you something when you least expect it.

and it will make your heart smile.

do you send hand-written correspondence?
when did you last receive real mail?

that's all.

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  1. i feel the same way about little notes in the mail! and, when i first clicked on this blog post, i had completely forgotten i'd sent you that little card. i'm glad the card was happily received :)

    having said that, when i saw this (http://www.happyplace.com/9340/comic-strip-shows-how-reactions-to-mail-and-email-have-changed) today, it made me think of you.