thirty days: day twenty-eight.

(day ): this year, in great detail.
follow along here.

year in great detail is not happening. it would bore you to tears and i don't want to do it. and since i have already failed this thirty day thing, i am going to write what i want. and apparently, i'll write when i want to, too.

in the last couple of months, i was introduced to a new website, pinterest. it's by invite, so i requested my invite and some time later (i don't remember how long it took because, quite frankly, i didn't care) i received my official invitation to join pinterest. i signed up, looked around and promptly started ignoring it. several friends also joined and i would look at what they were doing, but i just didn't get it. i thought it was great for real crafters, or designers, or event planners...i didn't see the relevance for me.

and then it happened...i figured it out. you see, i am a list maker/book marker...i highlight books...i tear pages out of magazines because i know i will need that tidbit of information or recipe or that beautiful picture in the near future...i bookmark websites...i email myself links to websites...all stuff i don't want to forget or that i like/love or that i think i will need. my list making was getting out of control...to the point where i wasn't even sure what i had lists of anymore. then one day, i was puttering through some stuff on pinterest and an angel chorus sang from above and light was shed...i figured pinterest out. instead of making lists, i now have a place to just "pin" up what i don't want to forget. genius.

and wouldn't you know...there is a new problem...i can't get enough. i can't pin enough. i can't like enough. i have to stop myself. it's a little ridiculous, but i am in love. love, love, love. if you want to scroll through what i like and/or love, you can check it out here...if you need an invite, let me know...i will invite everyone...because i am in love with pinterest. and you will be, too.

are you a list maker?
do you bookmark websites?
if you answered yes to the above, pinterest is for you...promise.

that's all.

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