we have cats.

my work is located kind of in the middle of nowhere. there are a couple of businesses near by and even a couple of homes, but for the most part we are surrounded by fields. occasionally we see cats, but they mostly leave us alone. and by us, i mean the facility. in reality, the animal we see the most are mice. and they are gross. but that all changed a couple of weeks ago.

one day when i got to work, my co-worker was telling me about a cat that showed up at our back door and started whining. my co-worker promptly opened the door and the cat snuggled right up to him. this cat desired some human affection. it has been determined since this cat's arrival that it was kindly dropped off. the cat was way too friendly and clean to not have been someone's cat. this made us all a little sad for the cat and so we fed it. you know what happens when you feed a cat? it comes back. and it stays. and generally, i think we are okay with it. we have had to set some ground rules...the cat can't come inside anymore. it is officially an outdoor cat. because we have mice and the cat needs to learn how to kill the mice. don't you think? that's what i thought.

it is actually pretty funny to have a cat. the kids that are here long term take to caring for the cat and they make sure that it gets fed everyday and sometimes they need that kind of responsibility in their life. plus, it spices things up for them.

this last week i was at a training, so i wasn't around the facility. when i got back to work at the facility, i was surprised that the cat was still there. i really didn't think the cat really would stick around. and i was even more surprised to find out we have another cat. yep. we now have two cats. or rather, we have a cat and a darling smoky grey kitty. it is my favorite. i don't love the cat, but i might love the kitty. the best is that the cat an the kitty really aren't friends. but they tolerate each other. it makes me wonder how the kitty got here.

i'm aware this is pointless, not exciting information, but i'm at work and i'm bored and i need to blog more so i shared. get over it.

i'll keep you posted on the facility pets. too bad i don't have pictures to share...no cameras allowed.

do you like cats?
do you want our cats?

that's all.


  1. 1. I do not like cats.

    2. It was Wes, wasn't it? that let the cat in...

  2. i have been converted into a kitty lover. but the kitties have to be cute and nice and clean and cuddly. not mean and mangy and hissy and stuff.

  3. "cats!"
    (try it, preferably with broadway jazz hands)
    you're smiling aren't you?