some photos.

i realize it's been awhile since i've shared some photos, so this is going to be a photo heavy post...as in all photos.

i mentioned previously, my camera did not go on vacation with me. speaking of my camera...i found out that it is not worth it to fix it...i am in the market for a new camera...blah. i wish i could afford what i really, really wanted. anyway, because the camera didn't make it on vacation, the only photography equipment i had was my phone. and i think it takes great photos, i just forgot to take many. on the last day, i took a bunch of photos and now i will share them with you.

some of the fam on the train with the kiddies. i passed. as did laurie.

malcolm and lillie waiting for a ride.
along with some lady that clearly was looking at me...but i can't prove it.

logan having his umpteenth breakdown of the day.
he is an emotional kid. sometimes funny...sometimes not.

the three musketeers.
i love that these three love each other so much.
and i love watching their relationships evolve as they get older.

all seven of the grandkids that were with us.
they are so stinking cute...everyone of them.
my favorite is adam holding taylor.
and interestingly enough, this is only half of the grandkids.

there were snails all over the place where we stayed.
kaylie was on a mission to save a couple.

and all the kids wanted in.

she saved them from the sidewalk and moved them to the garden area.
where they couldn't get stepped on.

kristen and lillie.
lillie was being a little grouchy, but it was early...and the last day.
to be expected.

i love the randomness of this picture.
grandpa holding taylor, grandma, kaylie and malcolm.
what a fam.

my dad insisted that i take a picture of him grilling.
he is funny.

my dad said i should count to three and then take a picture.
this is what he pulled at three.
what a silly guy.

my mom's face is my favorite in this picture.
like a giggly school girl.

and a regular picture of the 'rents.

malcolm wanted his picture taken.
but he insisted that i take it while he was doing this.
whatevs, buddy.
he's still cute.

this is the view up the canyon from our patio.
i get why people love southern cali now.
it's so pretty.

this is the view from our back patio towards the ocean.
it was pretty cloudy on our last day there.
mostly it was sunny, though.

and this is the view across the canyon...with the ginormous houses.

another view out to the ocean.
even with the clouds, it was pretty fantastic.

a fancy picture of the main buildings at the resort...i was just sitting in the car.
just taking pictures.

like this one...bored in the back seat.
i also like to point out that my dad likes to cheat and park in handicap parking using my brother's placard when there isn't any parking available.
i guess that is the benefit.

and finally...happy lillie.
this was at my parent's house...nearly half way home.

anyway...that was the family vay-cay almost two months ago.
better late than never.

that's all.


  1. your phone really does take good pics. your family cracks me up. and i can't believe how big all the nieces and nephs are getting...yowza!

  2. Send me the photos I want them, thanks!